Documents Similar To Aagaard Grandmaster Preparation Positional Play. Uploaded by. The second book of Danish Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard’s 4 volume Grandmaster Preparation series, Positional Play, aims to improve positional understanding. My review of Jacob Aagaard’s Grandmaster Preparation: Positional Play has been printed in the December issue of Chess Life.

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Grandmaster Preparation: Positional Play: Jacob Aagaard: : Books

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Positional chess in the basic on which success is founded. Of course material can be won and also points achieved by tactical measures, but first you have to bring the relevant positions up on your board.


Jacob Aagaard teaches in six lectures important principles of positional play. Weak squares, good and bad pieces, prophylaxis and pawn weaknesses are concepts which should poay in the toolbox of every chess player.

Grandmaster Preparation: Positional Play by Jacob Aagaard

The lectures are followed by 50 exercises, in which you can always look for the solution yourself. In total, there are more than four hours of high class video training on this DVD. Please enter your email address below.

You will receive a password reset email. Create an account Continue. Training Middlegame Positional play.

Windows 7 or higher Delivery: Similar Products same author. Chess Endgames 3 – major piece endgames Over 7 hours video training. Chess Endgames 4 – Strategical Endgames.

“Not for the Faint of Heart;” On Aagaard’s GM Preparation: Positional Play

The true value of pieces There are many cases of material imbalance in chess. In his new DVD GM Dejan Bojkov of Bulgaria makes an attempt to systematise the most important ones and gives valuable advice on how to handle the resulting positions.


Castled azgaard — attacking the king The best target for an attack is undoubtedly the enemy king — especially if its position is weakened or still in the centre. Chess Endgames 14 – The golden guidelines of endgame play Rules of thumb are the key to everything when you are having to set the correct aagzard in a complex endgame.

In this final DVD of his series on the endgame, our endgame specialist introduces you to the most important of these rules of thumb. Basic Positional Ideas Jacob Aagaard teaches in six lectures important principles of positional play.