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Remember Sarah Palin’s allegation that health care reform would lead to government death panels, with the power to euthanize and — the disabled or the elderly? Well, if you thought that claim was outlandish and discredited, think again. Today, a key voice in the debate, a key Republican senator, said you should worry about the government pulling the plug on grandma. And it wasn’t just Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley pushing the death panel fear today. So did the chairman of the Republican Party, Michael Steele.

We have got reaction from another key senator in just a moment, and check the fact with our own Dr. But, first, Candy Crowley has the “Raw Politics. Well, if it’s OK with you, I will — I will get started.

Winterset, Iowa, Senator Chuck Grassley holds his 72nd town hall meeting of the year. We’re here at a time when I sense that people ad scared for our country. His town halls have been twice, sometimes three times as big as he’s had in previous years, so many hands in the air, so many crosscurrents. I need to know, what are you doing to these insurance companies that are putting everything in their pocket and just laughing at everybody else?

Simple math, even for this southern Iowa redneck, shows that we can do — we can cover the people who want coverage with a private policy cheaper.

Making his way through the questions festering in the Iowa countryside, Grassley is really in a mine field. Why does he support cuts in Medicare? Will he support a plan with a government insurance option? And about those so-called death panels, a term critics use to argue 09088 a provision they say will put the government in the euthanasia business. You brought one point up here that Grassley, a man with encyclopedic knowledge of many issues, stepped where he probably should not.

I don’t have any problem with things like living wills, but they ought to be done within the family.

We should not have — we should not have a — we should not have a government program that determines you’re going to pull the plug on grandma. Put him down as not on target.

The program, inserted in a House bill, would allow federal reimbursement to doctors who give end-of-life counseling to Medicare patients who want it. Critics say the ad may become coercive.

Elizabeth Rico | ITM –

Grassley has a reputation as a seasoned and reasoned conservative. He works now with a small group of Senate Republicans and Democrats trying to come up with a middle-ground bill.

A Capitol Hill lawmaker for 35 years, he is up for reelection next year, about which he is reminded daily. Democrat or Republican, for whoever senator or congressman vote for this bill, we will vote you out. The senator threads his way between his core constituents, angry that he’s trying There is nothing a liberal wants that I would agree to, and we have to stop giving ground. I want to ace you why you won’t use your strong Republican voice to clarify the outright lies that are out there about the programs that are being proposed.


At day’s end, Grassley was in an open-air park in Adel, Iowa, for his 75th ad hall meeting of the year. Oh, I have got 16 more town meetings.

So, Acv don’t want to draw a conclusion from four town meetings.

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August may not be the coolest month, but it’s going to seem like acv longest one. So, Candy, is he standing by those comments about, you know, the government program pulling the — possibly pulling the plug on grandma? Softened it just a little when he talked with reporters.

And he said, listen, do I think this provision will do what some fear it will do? But I think it’s incumbent that we look at it, that he doesn’t believe that there should be a program that pays for this, that the federal government should not pay for this cad of counseling.

I have to tell you, though, I also talked to a couple of doctors and some nurses who said, well, Medicare pays for, you know, office visits. So, they really weren’t sure why there had to be a separate program for this. So, that also raised their suspicions.

But, certainly, Senator Grassley backed it off a little, but he didn’t back off what he said was the central fear of people, that which would become some sort of euthanasia panel.

All right, Candy Crowley — Candy, thanks. Senator Grassley may have fueled the death penalty fear today. On the other hand, Alaskan Republican Lisa Murkowski, who strongly oppose the Democratic bill, said today there’s no reason for opponents to make things up. Other lawmakers in qcd parties have tried to tamp down the program. Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill has tried with some success to acknowledge the concerns wcd critic, while gently arguing for civility.

I don’t understand this rudeness. I don’t get it. I honestly don’t get it. Do you all think that you’re persuading people when you shout out like that? You don’t trust me? I — you know, I — I don’t know what else I can do.

I don’t know what else I can do. If you — if you want me to go home Senator 9008 joins 008 now. Thanks very much for being with us. I want to get your take on what Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa said. He essentially is supporting what Governor — former Governor Palin said about these death penalties.

Well, the irony is, is that his colleague, Republican Senator Isakson from Georgia, actually adc the provision that went in adc Senate bill. And it is about an end-of-life directive, and so the patient and their family are in charge. It has nothing to do with the government having any control.

It’s about the government reimbursing doctors for taking the time to explain the different procedures, to help with any kind of directive, not to take avd. So, it’s so ironic that Senator Grassley has got that part confused, because it’s his fellow Republicans from Georgia who put it in the bill on the Senate side. Acdd you think he really is confused, or — or is something else at work here?

Can’t find what you were looking for?

I — I — you know, listen, I think that there are many provisions of this bill, and I think everyone needs to slow down and take time to study it carefully, because, if you do, so much of the misinformation accd away. And this is a big, giant piece of misinformation.


I afd it’s fair to say you have never seen this kind of level what you call rudeness of, I guess, anger in a public forum like this. And I want to read axd what Paul Krugman wrote. He said that what some are reacting to is more about the president, about President Obama than really about what is in these — in these various health care plans. And he said — and I quote — “The driving force behind the town hall mobs” — his word — “is probably the same cultural and racial anxiety that is behind the birther movement, which denies Mr.

There was a person at one of your town halls had a Rosa Parks poster.


Apparently, a person angry in the crowd ripped it up. They were all taken out. Is race involved in this? I — I don’t know. I think there are certain folks in Missouri that don’t trust government.

And they haven’t trusted government for a long time. And I think we have done a lot of big, bold things in the last six months. It’s a time of uncertainty. What is the difference between a stimulus and an omnibus and a TARP? And I think all of that rolled up, in addition to having a new president that — that they did not support, I think, has led to a heightened sense of passion and fervor. But I think it’s all within the confines of our democracy.

And we may be exercising our muscles of democracy in Missouri, but that’s OK. That’s what this is all about is people being able to express their opinions. Congressman David Scott of Georgia, an African-American man, says that racism is involved, that — that it’s sort of the subtext of this debate.

Just, for the record, do you see any indication of that? I think that is irresponsible to say, also. I — I — there may be an individual instances of that, but there are a whole lot of people who are frustrated, and cynical, and acv, and I’m not sure that it — it would be accurate to make that about race.

The disagreement yesterday was more because somebody broke the rules and brought in a sign, when nobody else was allowed to bring in a sign, and they scd flaunting it. And it angered people, and — and passions got out of control.

There was certainly a little bit of wrongdoing on the part of the women who had the sign, because they knew they weren’t supposed to have them.

And there was acr wrongdoing on the part of the gentlemen who ripped it out of her hand. So, on your — for — your take is, no indication of the fact that it was Rosa Parks on the poster? It was the presence of the poster? I’m not even sure — I don’t think that had anything to do with what was on the poster.

It had to do with everyone — we had, you know, 2, people there, and they all were instructed with great big signage, you can’t bring signs in. And, then, at the very end of the meeting, in walked these women with signs unfurled.