Think Like A Grandmaster has ratings and 6 reviews. notgettingenough said: A couple of nights ago, Carlsen was making Ponomariov wish he’d never been. Kotov, Alexander – Think Like a – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. The unparalleled Think Like a Grandmaster by Alexander Kotov explains not only planning and strategy in chess but also the methodical use of.

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For example, one tournament I am thinking clearly and concentrating well – I trust my analysis, I don’t backtrack, and I remember the variations I calculated and their assessments.

Alexander Kotov – Wikipedia

Nevertheless, I still think granddmaster is a good book and was very influential for me. As it is not very difficult to see this concrete line must involve a sacrifice. Edges very slightly spotted or marked. Then, there is this fascinating blindspot which has never happened to me, but to several of my partners, so one assumes it is a commonplace.

Black played the decisive Alas this was almost the worst move he could play. I’ve just done very badly at an Android: Sign up to receive offers and updates: By using this thknk, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And now it isn’t.


Kotov was born in Tulawhich was part of the Russian Empireto a large working class family. Summer Nationals in Brighton. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

“Think Like a Grandmaster” by Alexander Kotov

Just like that with hardly any consideration at all. Actually, I know no chess player that mastered it. There is an obvious simple answer in the case of running long suits.

I’m thinking of a couple of serious sorts of blunders that are perhaps related to this whole business of looking ahead. Ryan rated it really liked it Feb 26, Let’s have a look.

I asked my audience what they would like me to talk to them about, and I was inundated with requests. I have to hand it koov her.

Now this phrase is used sometimes to describe non-chess situations – the Rise Against song is about politics. He didn’t know what he was doing. And quite often, a general positional assessment is not enough to sufficiently understand the position. If I manage to make my thinking persistently clear and organized, then it would be like I am constantly in good form – but it wouldn’t raise my “class” in chess, for which better understanding or more knowledge is necessary.

“Think Like a Grandmaster” by Alexander Kotov –

Thus I came to realise that players even in high grades have a great need of such guidance. Kotov addresses such questions as whether to recheck your analysis, whether to trust your opponent, how to deal with situations where you have multiple possible wins, and when to analyze at all. Some asked me to demonstrate some interesting combination, others wanted to know how to play the Sicilian Defence correctly for Black. It’s the Zonal in NZ. What’s good about it However you feel about Kotov’s method of thinking, I am sure that you would find that this book really has a huge amount of instructive material in it, as well as good advice.


Many GMs disagree with Kotov’s tree of valuations, as it is simply an impractical way of playing.

Alexander Kotov

I don’t remember if I innately knew how to analyze a chess position. My partner Chris, is in a slam, and he simply forgets to cash a winner which is now stranded in dummy.

And tha A couple of nights ago, Carlsen was making Ponomariov wish he’d never been born.