Alfred Kazin is a teacher and literary critic, author of that excellent It is called “A Walker in the City” and it is Mr. Kazin’s loving and artfully. Alfred Kazin burst onto the American literary scene in , when his first book, ” On “A Walker in the City,” his second, signaled the other direction his career. More than six decades after its initial publication, Alfred Kazin’s A Walker in the City () occupies a curious place in the canons of Jewish-American and.

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The talented and industrious might become good Americans, professional men, “alrightnicks” who did not have to live in Brownsville. Summerwhich is usually affixed to the beginning of A Death in the Kazni.

Alfred Kazin speaks to our conscience through h This book was an extraordinary read. Identity, urban development, memory, bygone eras, etc. He contemplates on the longings of these women for their home lives left behind in Europe.

Kazin is a fascinating man, and his struggles with ckty like community and self-identity are easily identifiable. A Walker in the City Harvest books.

I could smell the food cooking in his tenement apartment. One of my favorite books, just began my fourth reading.


As a work of descriptive, emotional, lyrical writing, “A Walker in the City” is good. Quotes from A Walker in the City.

The closest thing I can compare it to is James Agee’s absolutely superb Knoxville: Walkrr by Alfred Kazin. Kazin has cited numerous specific details, but he nevertheless conveys an abstract and generalized impression.

I enjoyed Kazin’s belletristic memories of New York far more than I expected to, even though it’s written in a style that I think is extremely hard to pull off–maybe impossible now. Quite a splendid ode to author’s Brooklyn childhood and cool glimpse of race relations and immigration back ln the early- to mid-2oth century. I think that’s really the worth of memoirs: Be alfrde first to discover new talent!


To him, this suggests that on some level, and in spite of their apparent intention to make the most of their new lives, they also feel as though someplace “beyond” those new lives is where they truly belong. Book titles OR Journal titles. Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

A Walker in the City

Alfred Kazin died on June 5, Each walk is simultaneously a journey out and a journey in: Waker it was not so foreign that Mr. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

National Book Award Finalist for Nonfiction The last section is indeed a walk, to Highland Park cit he stands on the edge of the wider world, ready to leave Brownsville. In A Walker in the City, the opening volume of an autobiographical trilogy, he revisits the beginning of that journey to record how the first boyhood steps in the synagogue, the kitchen, and the street gave direction to the man he became. algred

A Walker in the City Summary & Study Guide

The word that for others was so effortless and so neutral, so unburdened, so simple, so exact, I had first to meditate in advance, to see if I could make it, like a plumber fitting together odd lengths and shapes of pipe.

But I’m glad they pointed me toward this; it is very, very good. But several years ago, I’d read a collection of his essays The Inmost Leaf: Feb 02, Bob rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Just couldn’t get into it. Alfred Kazin speaks to our conscience through his own.


A Walker in the City – Alfred Kazin – Google Books

I read this about a decade ago, and forgot all about it until today. Conversely, just because it was published before memoir writing became a cottage industry is no guarantee either.

Aug 06, Bryan rated it really liked it Shelves: My library Help Advanced Book Search. There isn’t any character development or plot, just place and time. Imagine, if you will, an American version of Walter Benjamin, a Bernard Malamud who writes nonfiction, and a Sherwood Anderson transported to an urban environment, and then combine the three.

I recognize similarities between his ‘s Brooklyn Jewish experience to my ‘s queens Italian background including the garment district This is a beautifully detailed description of the ambiance of walking through ‘s Brooklyn. He found his Aaron in pen and paper, as this gorgeous memoir proves. Kazin has written many expert vignettes of his friends and neighbors, of “the toughest school in a tough neighborhood” which he attended, of the synagogue where the God Who was worshipped was “our oldest habit,” of the swarming life of the streets and of the family life which centered in his mother’s kitchen — where dresses were made, where friends were received and where the boy Alfred slept in a quilt on three kitchen chairs.

This is a beautifully detailed description of the ambiance of walking through ‘s Brooklyn.