Free kitchen appliance user manuals, instructions, and product support information. Find owners Antec P Refrigerator User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. DownloadAntec p user manual. Free Pdf Download The dual hose operation provides fast cooling. Antec p user manual. Direct Link #1. PRODUCT. CASE: PERFORMANCE SERIES · GAMING SERIES · CUBE · VALUE SOLUTION · ISK SERIES · NEW SOLUTION · OTHER. POWER SUPPLY: BY.

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Tighten the screws on the back of the power supply, followed by the screws for the power supply retaining cage.

Special three-layer side panel and front door stainless steel, plastic, aluminum dampens system generated noise, making this one of the quietest cases available. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Antec P Haf Summary of the content on the page No. Options for new office pc more.

A close comparison of the P and P specifications shows that they are exactly the same size.

You can choose to mount only the middle fan or you can mount both the front and antrc middle fans to enhance the cooling as two fans will serve a push and pull action bringing the air more ef- ficiently. Connect a small 4-pin connector from the power supply to the 4-pin connector on the floppy drive. Slide the small plastic piece to the rear of the case to fully extend the other opening.


Antec P182 Refrigerator User Manual

Flexible snake light installedlights your way while working inside the case. Home Antec Refrigerator Antec P Slide the device into the drive bay until it clicks into place.

Below you will find previews of the content of the user manuals presented on the following pages to Antec P To install the spoiler: Carefully remove the plastic drive bay cover and the metal plate covering the drive bay. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them.

Pin Pin Assignment Pin Pi. Clip the fan into position. You do not have to print the entire manual Antec P but the selected pages only. Lay the case down, with the open side facing up. Saisissez Summary of the content on the page No. The voltage may start as low as 4.

To remove the filter, use both hands to gently push the tabs downward. Install the wire brackets into the HDD cage. Damit ist Ihr Motherboard installiert.

You may want to pull the power cable of the mm fan from inside the lower chamber to the upper chamber for easy cable management. Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments. In this case the HDD cage becomes a duct drawing fresh cool air from the front of the case. If looking through the Antec P user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:.


Antec P User`s manual |

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Slide the large piece all the way to the rear of the case to fully extend the opening and carefully guide all the power cables through the openings to the upper chamber. Connect the pin connector to your motherboard header so that the blocked pin fits over the missing header pin.

We recommend using the lower HDD cage to get the maximum possible cooling and quiet computing. You can use them to route tubing for external liquid cooling devices.

For more comprehensive instructions on installing the motherboard and pe. Loosen the two thumbscrews holding the plastic structure.