I wanna sell my Apexi I-Moni which i bought at japan before. The iMONI is probably the coolest little gizmo to hit the performance scene. pdf · Apexi Imoni Obd2 Gauge Instruction Manual Japanese, M Wire Colours Apexi Auto Timer Turbo Timer Manual Instructions Apexi Imoni OBD2 Gauge. i ‘m not getting a power to this thing, its brand new, and the cigarette adapter is in. the obd-2 port is right under the area with the vsa switch.

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The PowerFC has a map for inlet air temperature which is not accessible by the Hand Controller but the table is still used by the PowerFC if it picks up Air Temp from the factory sensor. There are some limits into the size of the injectors you can run and other changes as its an interceptor but all in all a good unit.

The knocking level found in the Apexi PowerFC refers to the level of knock detected not the frequency.

Having a clear out and selling the below. It lets you tune the stock ecu providing its supported and doesnt cost a bomb and gives you good bang per buck. CPU has been designed for drag racing use.

Apexi PowerFC FAQ – paulrcom

You should only use this sparingly as its still much more likely to knock with lower octane fuel. How do I install the PowerFC? Apexi Documentation imoi RB25 airflow meter can measure up to approx.


It has since been fixed and all is working but I do not recommend you try to get this working. Note the rubber covered button located low on the B pillar, a button which is pressed by the door when the door is closed. Impni clearly the PowerFC winds hands down if it has been tuned correctly and has a bulk of its load points tuned.

You apfxi to set the Boost Kit option to ON. A map for the ignition timing values looks like this rb25det map A completed map trace apexxi 2nd gear going from idle to redline looks like this.

Your local supplier can order the correct hand controller for you. I have done some work with cutting up the Apexi PowerFC manual and building an online clickable hand contoller.

What are all the menus and functions on the unit?? This should now make the value around 1. You need to be a member and datalogit product owner to view this Datalogit Yahoogroups! However as Apexi have altered their production plans this only applies to some select models.

This allows the tuner to move the load bearing around on the map quickly and easily to effectively shift the map up and down. When you choose another airflow meter to allow a large opening diameter or a higher resolution meter you need to select the unit from the [SETTING], [Airflow] menu and select it from the list. A discussion thread on this topic can be found at: The PowerFC only supports manual cars excluding Toyota.


Yo for sale is my Audi A4 omonixxx kms has lmoni Wof and rego.

[Wakeari] APEXI Imoni

Turn the ignition OFF. The numerical value should be increased when the boost level does not reach the above-mentioned setting. The following errors occurred ioni your submission. There is a small delay from the time of purchase, to receiving the Datalogit box and software.

By dkbcleaner Started December If you get some black smoke then you are starting to richen it up. Every standard sensor is logged Optional logging for lambda, zpexi temperature, suspension travel etc The PowerFC has a map for inlet air temperature which is not accessible by the Hand Controller but the table is still used by the PowerFC if it picks up Air Temp from the factory sensor.

Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates. Anywhere in the country. I installed a new engine cover the bit in the middle that covers the coil packs — this allowed me to move the ignitor pack back up on top of the engine cover. There are lots of local tuners so that shouldnt be an issue and everything is supported. Cheap, cost effective and works well.