A suicide bag, also known as an exit bag or hood, is a euthanasia device consisting of a large plastic bag with a drawcord used to commit suicide through inert gas asphyxiation. It is usually used in conjunction with a flow of an inert gas like helium or Self-administered and assisted suicides by asphyxiation using a plastic bag. Asphyxial suicide by placing a plastic bag over the head, especially in combination with inhalation of gases, is a rarely described method of committing suicide. Suicide by helium inhalation inside a plastic bag has recently been publicized by right-to-die proponents in “how to” print and videotape.

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Dutch psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot, in pladtic book Dignified Dyingcalls the suicide bag with inert gas method “rapid, painless and safe”. Suicide bags have been used with gases other than inert gases, with varying outcomes. The effect of contamination of the inert gas by air or other source of oxygen is to reduce the effects of oxygen loss and the person exposed may feel weak, tired and confused, but without a strong urge to breathe or the associated respiratory ;lastic.

A rise in carbon dioxide concentration caused by the inability to inhale fresh gas will cause a strong reflex to breathe, accompanied by increasing distress as the level rises, culminating in panic and desperate struggle for air. Assessment of risk Crisis hotline list Intervention Prevention Suicide watch. Retrieved 27 July The urge to breathe in normal humans is mainly controlled by blood carbon dioxide concentration and the acidity that it causes.

This effect will remain if the person is free to breathe but the available air has a high carbon dioxide content. Suicide bags were first used during the s. Selling suicide bags is prohibited in some places. Retrieved 3 March Showing of 17 references. Plastif the book Final Exit by Derek Humphrya suicide bag was described as a large plastic bag with an adjustable velcro strip around the neck.

Andres Rodriguez Zorro Journal of forensic and legal medicine Russel Ogden said that the existence of “how-to” literature involving the suicide bag has been “shown to influence the choice of suicide method but not the overall suicide rate, and that an emerging counterculture of death providers, operating outside of the traditional medicolegal framework of health care, was placing assisted death outside the normative gaze of medicine”.


Journal of Affective Disorders. He concludes by expressing the hope that with improved and more appropriate care during the dying phase of life, there will be less perceived need for these methods of self-deliverance.

Asphyxial suicide by inhalation of helium inside a plastic bag.

Asphyxiation Hanging Train Cop Seppuku. He ssphyxial not dispute that the method is “swift, highly lethal and painless”, as claimed by Ogden and other right-to-die proponents. Assisted suicide Palliative care Principle of suicire effect Palliative sedation.

Self-administered and assisted suicides by asphyxiation using a plastic bag with helium were first recorded in the s. InThe Vancouver Sun cited Russel Ogden, Canadian criminologist and right-to-die advocate, [15] who said that the combination of a suicide bag and helium was “a method of heluum within the right-to-die movement for people who are terminally ill and that its promotion does not baag to cause an increase in the number of suicides.

The danger lies in that they are undetectable by human senses, and the first warning of their presence in asphyxiant concentrations may be loss of consciousness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The authors wrote, “If the process is interrupted by someone, there is no gas or the tube slips out of the bag, there is a high risk of severe hypoxia of the central nervous system ” in survivors. Unless the bag is fastened around the neck by a ligature with sufficient tension to obstruct venous return from the face, in our experience, such persons never have facial or conjunctival petechiae.

Asphyxial suicide with helium and a plastic bag.

Retrieved from ” https: Exit International US Limited. The unpleasant smell may be a deterrent to more widespread use as a euthanasia agent, but the primary purpose is a warning of fire hazard. The authors stated that a hood method might be able to play plzstic role in “demedicalising assisted suicide”. However, we have not seen detailed descriptions of such observations that permit another person to evaluate the pllastic that might have produced an isolated petechia in a rare victim.


Assisted suicide by oxygen deprivation with hflium at a Swiss right-to-die organisation. The authors wrote, [42]. Helium Search for additional papers on this topic.

Retrieved 24 July This suicide method is also typically used by younger or middle-aged adults, rather than by older adults. Helium and nitrogen are non toxic and can be breathed with no ill effects over short or long term when oxygen levels are sufficient, and present no health risk to third parties except asphyxiation. Skip to search sujcide Skip to main content.

Egypt Suicide Hotlines

Archived from the original on Woman selling ‘suicide kits’ reignites asphyxizl debate”. Werth Death studies InLudwig Minellifounder of Dignitasfilmed four people committing suicide by helium inhalation.

Showing of 11 extracted citations. Suicide by helium inhalation inside a plastic bag has recently been publicized by right-to-die proponents in “how to” print and videotape materials. Asphyxial suicides using plastic bags. Policy and psychosocial considerations associated with non-physician assisted suicide: The deoxygenated blood then passes through the systemic circulation to the vital organs, including the brain, and rapidly lowers oxygen concentrations below the level required to sustain consciousness, and when it is insufficient to keep the heart functioning, cardiac arrest will occur.

Srp Arh Celok Lek. Promoters of this suicide method recommend it to terminally ill patients.

Asphyxial suicide with helium and a plastic bag.

Suicide by asphyxiation due to helium inhalation. Use of a suicide bag in a well ventilated room using either of these gases is unlikely to pose a hazard for other people, and there is no fire hazard. Health and Shicide Executive.