Série de référence créée en par Alphonse Chérel, la collection “Sans Peine ” permet à un débutant d’apprendre en moyenne 2 mots de vocabulaire. Assimil Language Courses: Le Suedois sans Peine 1 (Swedish for French speakers) Book only (French and Swedish Edition) [Assimil Staff] on Amazon. com. Assimil Language Courses / Le Suedois sans Peine Vol. 2 (Intermediate/ Advanced Swedish Language Course for French Speakers) – Book only ( Swedish.

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Message 4 of 14 15 April at 8: No, sorry, my mistake – it is the one. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Sonen — Men mamma, vi har gott om tid! The last 4 cds were not available for the German base. I personally think having slightly more user friendly lessons in Assimil is a good move – a good number of people here, who are not hardcore polyglots, have complained that Assimils are hard to get into – making things more friendly doesn’t in my view wssimil dumbing down.

Message 6 of 14 16 April at 5: However, before ordering, I wanted to double check something: Or if I buy the German sxns, am I missing out on lessons? Beginning of lesson Message 8 of 14 17 May at Copyright FX Micheloud – All rights reserved No part of this website may be copied by any means without my written authorization. I’d be more comfortable working with the German version, but if the French version is more complete, I’ll go that route.

William Fovet Year of first publication: The product image will change to the image for the CDs usually in the target language, not the source language and you’ll get the ISBN number of the CDs.

Assimil Swedish vs Did they just combine volumes 1 and 2 of the French version into one book? You cannot post new topics in this forum – Asssimil cannot reply to topics in this forum – You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum – You cannot create polls in this forum – You cannot vote in polls in this forum.


Assimil Swedish vs (Language Programs, Books & Tapes) Language Learning Forum

I do not know if the current course contains as much material as the older two volume course. Thanks for any insight!

I believe that the length of audio and the richness of vocabulary offered by a course are not the only factors to consider when judging its quality, but the change seems to reflect the general trend, often lamented on this forum, of newer editions of a course to be less substantial than the previous ones even when claiming to take the learner to the same level of proficiency.

The French Swedish 2 had the peinr lesson 50 to to finish the rest. The audio for the German version has the assumil 1 on its cover, so it may well be they’ve recently changed the French version, but the German one is still the old version. The Tome 1 cds can still be bought through the German base, which Assimil sells. Message 7 of 14 16 May at 1: I bought it a few years ago. FrenchGermanLatin. If I were able to obtain the CDs for the older course, Asns would consider buying it.

If anyone is wondering how I know this? As Jeff said, I was able to look at a few sample lessons plus sample audio from the German Assimil website, and then listen to some of the audio matched to the French version the 2 book version. This course was by Jean-Francois Bataille. The lessons are NOT the same.

Assimil Le Suedois Livre – Swedish for French Speakers (swedish by William VG

If this apparent deterioration of the course is a drawback that particularly concerns you, and studying in German is a viable option, remember that at the moment the new edition is only available in French, whereas you can still buy the old one in German. I do not have the recordings for this course, nor do I have tome 2. Its in German With Ease 1 person has voted this message useful. Message 2 of 14 14 April at peone On Assimil’s site, it looks like the title in the picture of the course, not the webpage title is simply Le suedois xssimilwith no mention of “sans peine.


Out of the sellers Amazon. They are even able to explain you all the differences between both versions. I actually don’t know if the French version is renewed but it is said that the older versions are better while the newer seem to be watered down.

Assimil. Le norvégien sans peine (Audio: Norsk uten strev) [AUDIO] – Все для студента

I was looking at my Assimils and as I have Le Danois with the new cover sitting with L’Allemand and Le Neerlandais and subconsciously linked it to the other two. Those particular cds for Swedish 2 were only available at peinne time on their own or buying the French based text with cds.

I own both of them.

I do have the nearer course written by William Fovet, including the Cds. I personally have no idea how anyone now can get the audio lessonsif the French base Swedish has been changed.

If you are uncertain contact assimilwelt. Tome 2 cds are no longer obtainable through Assimil, but I found Tome 2 cds are available through Amazon. Delicious Digg reddit Facebook StumbleUpon.