Dry is a memoir written by American writer Augusten Burroughs. It describes the author’s battle with alcoholism. Dry was written before Running With Scissors. Mark said: After reading Dry I went over to Cedar Tavern for a martini. Augusten Burroughs has written a lot of memoirs, most famously Running with Scissors. Apr 23, The Paperback of the Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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It was touching, hilarious, painful and real. Or, if we take into account that he kept a journal, why would he write this observation down?

It has all the ingredients of a ‘good’ book: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I say “a mean funny” because he really burroguhs into other people and judges them. If you are an addict of any kind and you do not feel like you have a good grip on your sobriety yet, I am warning you that this book can be triggering.

Clearly, it gives some bizarre sense of hope while remaining uber-entertaining. The supporting cast of his life is well drawn.

Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs

Discover what to read next. Which means at least once, he has thought about me outside of Group.

Remember when we dey met? Burroughs remains sober to this day. Asked to sign reams of legal forms before entering rehab, he notes, “the real Augusten would never stand for this. It’s not pretty, but it’s necessary and eye-opening.

Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs – PopMatters

Burrouyhs gave it too a young, gay bureoughs of mine who had never heard of him, amazingly enough, and he walked into work after finishing it, just speechless with emotion. Alcohol time is slippery whereas sober time is like cat hair. Continuing the memoir trilogy, Augusten Burroughs takes the reader through his struggles with addiction as a young man.


I also hope the book shows how the results are always better when you stop skating across the surface of your life and really go inside and dig around for the good stuff. Dry by Augusten Burroughs.

Struggling to come to terms with his drinking, Burroughs choose rehab, though stands firm that he does not need it.

After three “no shits”! Here’s an example of a detail he recalled that I really hope he made up: It augustten heartbreaking and funny, although I suppose the progression of the author’s alcoholism from denial to acceptance to sobriety to relapse and back again was exactly the formula I expected. The fact that I finished this book in one day probably indicates that I enjoyed it. Refresh and try again.

We are supposed to care and empathize with what is obviously an imagined scene. A very deep and funny portrait of a recovering addict.

Undoubtedly he changes names, but I still think that is unfair to the other people in rehab and AA members who are only sharing their very personal stories because they know it is verboten to, say, publish these stories in a book. While critics continue to challenge the veracity of Burroughs’s books, questioning everything from his alcoholism and advertising career to his earliest childhood memories, the author remains nonplussed, even philosophical.

Now it seems like more than enough time to perhaps burroughss a screenplay. Augusten’s second book was a memoir. Some of Burroughs’ strongest scenes and characters are made up.

I counted the beer bottles once: Jun 16, Eva rated it really liked it. Dry was written before Running With Scissorsbut was published second. This book moved me to actually help my partner and in doing so I lost them but they didn’t lose their life like I am certain they would have if we had kept going the way we were.


Augusten Burroughs US publication date: The woman who stands up in support group and says that even though she found a lump in her breast in the shower one morning and is living on borrowed time, she would “rather have this one day sober than a whole lot of days drunk,” is made up. If anything, he proves that it is also possible to reinvent oneself. Or stayed up for a party that was totally not worth it. This immediately makes the reader wonder, what else is made up? He was euphoric, had no idea where to begin chewing first.

Burroughs is a great writer, my second favorite Burroughs as a matter of fact.

DRY: A Memoir

To ask other readers questions about Dryplease sign up. Like keeping a Chihuahua in a hamster cage. Randy Shilts Award Nominee This struck me as poetic and honest.

It’s through this sometimes underestimated pairing that the reader understands both the author’s own denial of major life-altering events, as well as his refusal to confront responsibility head on, despite his own bemoaning about love, distraction and gin-soaked olives.

Nov 14, Jodi Goldbeck rated it it was amazing.

Oct 03, Natasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: From this point, the book becomes even more interesting, as the reader follows Augusten through the temptations of sobriety, handsome crack addicts and British freeloaders who end up becoming, well, friends. In the conclusion of Dry, his relationships fizzle, his significant other dies, and we are left with grotesque images of crack-cocaine and death that made me question why I was even bothering to finish this sophomoric and soporific “been there” “done that” Truth or Dare sharing.