Source: James I. Basilikon Doron or His Majesties Instrvctions To His Dearest Sonne, Henry the Prince. [Edinburgh , 7 copies only; Edinburgh, London (2 . Basilikon doron* (), a manual on the practice of kingship, was written by James I and VI for his eldest son, Prince Henry [1]. Though less polemical in tone . Basilikon Doron has 11 ratings and 2 reviews. Benjamin said: Fantastic resource, especially for those who want an alternative to Machiavelli’s The Princ.

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Basilikon Doron |

And of basklikon notes making a little pamphlet lacking, both my methode and halfe of my matter entituled it, forsooth, the Kings Testament, as if I had eiked vasilikon third Testament of my owne to the two that are in the holy Scriptures. May 30, Matt rated it it was amazing. First, considering the nature of the person reporter; Next, what entresse he can haue in the weale or euill of him, of whom hee maketh the report; Thirdly, the likely-hood of the purpose it selfe; And, last, the nature and by-past life of the dilated person: I thanke God, I was neuer ashamed to giue doroj of my profession, howsoeuer the malicious lying tongues of some haue traduced me: Whom-to, I say, can it so iustly appertaine, as vnto xoron my dearest Sonne?

Both sections are useful touchstones for The Winter’s Tale in providing the discursive context for issues that Shakespeare dramatizes in Leontes’s immoderate conduct towards his family and his fear of domestic illegitimacy caused by the presumed adultery of Hermione.

Employ euery man as ye thinke him qualified, but vse not one in all things, lest he waxe proude, and be enuied of his fellowes. Im the index, numbers in parentheses indicate how many times the item will occur in the text.

And as dorom these two points, the whole Scripture principally consisteth, so in two degrees standeth the whole seruice of God by man: By your preparation, I mean, that ye must keep your body clean and unpolluted, till ye give it to your wife, whom-to only it belongeth. But 1 Isoc. And then what shall come of him; but, as a man giuen ouer to his owne filthy affections, shall perish into them?

First then, as to the name of Puritanes, I am not ignorant that the style thereof doeth properly belong onely to that vile sect amongst the Anabaptists, called the Family of loue; because they thinke themselues onely pure, and in baasilikon maner without sinne, the onely trwe Church, and onely worthy to be participant of the Sacraments, and all the rest of the world to be but abomination in the sight of God.


The final portion of the Basilikon Doron focuses on the daily life of a monarch. As for the particular points of Religion, I need not to dilate them; I am no hypocrite, follow my footsteps, and your owne present education therein. During war, he should choose old but good captains to lead an army composed of young and agile soldiers.

For it is not ynough that ye haue and retaine as prisoners within your selfe neuer so many good qualities and vertues, except ye employ them, and set them on worke, for the weale of them that basllikon committed to your charge: So as this their great concurrence in curiositie though proceeding from farre different basilikln hath enforced the vn-timous divulgating of this Booke, farre contrarie to my intention, as I haue alreadie said.

And consider, if a man shall once take upon him, to count that light which God calleth heavy, and venial that which God calleth grievous; beginning first to measure any one sin by the rule of his lust and appetites and not of his conscience; what shall let him to do so with the next, that his affections shall stir him to, the like reason serving for all, and so to go forward till he place his whole corrupted affections in God’s room?

Basilikon Doron – Wikipedia

For how can ye iustly craue to bee ioyned with a pure virgine, if your bodie be polluted? BVT as ye are clothed with two callings, so must ye be alike careful for the discharge of them both: For as a Parliament is the honourablest and highest iudgement in the land as being the Kings head Court if it be well vsed, which is by making of good Lawes in it; so is it the in-iustest Iudgement-seat that may be, being abused to mens particulars: Remember then, that this glistering worldly glorie of Kings, is giuen them by God, to teach them to preasse so to glister and shine before their people, in all workes of sanctification and righteousnesse, that their persons as bright lampes of godlinesse and vertue, may, going in and out before their people, giue light to all their steps.

The treatise is divided into three sets of guidelines: Poitical Works of James I. The whole Scripture chiefly containeth two things: A moate in anothers eye, is a beame into yours: In the forme of your meate-eating, bee neither vnciuill, like a grosse Cynicke; nor affectatlie mignarde, like bassilikon daintie dame; but eate in a manlie, round, and honest fashion. James assembled these directions as a result of his own experience and upbringing.


Basilikon Doron

It is trew that in bxsilikon place thereof, for affirmation of the purpose I am speaking of to my Sonne, I bring my slefe in there, as speaking vpon my Testament: And for your behauiour to your Wife, the Scripture can best giue you counsell therein: Iudge then, Christian Reader, if I wrong this sort of people, in giuing them the stile of that sect, whose errours they imitate: And by superstition, I meane, when one restraines himselfe to any other rule in the seruice of God, then is warranted by the word, the onely trew square of Gods seruice?

Treat her as your own flesh, command her as her lord, cherish her as your helper, rule her as your pupil, and please her in all things reasonable; dorno teach her not to be curious in things that belong her not. But as I saide before if God prouide you with moe countries then this; choose the borne-men of euery countrey, to bee your chief counsellers therein. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. It will not come uncalled, neither speak unspeered at; and yet conferring with it when ye are at quiet, ye shall say with Scipio that ye are nunquam minus solus, quam cum solus.

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The three causes it was ordained for, are, for staying of lust, for procreation of children, and that man should by his Wife, get a helper like himselfe. I trust I need not to insist here to dissuade you from the filthy vice of adultery; remember only what solemn promise ye make to God at your marriage, and since it is only by the force of that promise that your children succeed to you, which otherwayes they could not do, equitie and reason would, ye should keep your part thereof.

In addition, James I’s pedantic qualities are prominent in this text as he attempts to shape his son in his own royal image, intending the Jacobean image of kingship to extend generationally to embrace his progeny.

Published December by University of Wales Press first published He, therefore, offered the Basilikon Doron to his son with the hope of rendering him a capable ruler, and perhaps, to pass it down to future generations.