No matter whether it is in a BBU or BBU, a UBBP can be configured in any of slots 0 to 5, as shown in the following figure: When. BBU new board configuration rules. Armetta Diamond (1) 4 years 6 months ago View: Reply: 2. Comment. Comment| Reply. |Report. shahanj Platinum. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. BBU V Installation Guide. Issue: Date: Page 2. 1. Content. Installation Tools .

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Table of contents About This Document Table Of Contents Powering On The Bbu Powering Off The Bbu Replacing The Heua Figure Position Of The Heua Figure Disconnecting Cables Figure Removing The Heua Figure Removing The Pdu Figure Removing The Psu Figure Removing The Pmu Figure Removing The Subrack Replacing The Dcdub Figure Position Of The Dcdub Figure Removing The Dcdub Replacing Components Of The Bbu Querying Board Information Figure Removing The Bbu Replacing The Wmpt Figure Removing The Wmpt Replacing The Upeu Figure Position Of The Upeu Figure Removing The Upeu Replacing The Ueiu Figure Position Of The Ueiu Figure Removing The Ueiu Replacing The Fan Unit Replacing The Utrp Figure Removing The Fan Unit Replacing The Uscu Figure Position Of The Uscu Replacing The Wbbp Figure Removing The Uscu Figure Position Of The Wbbp Figure Disconnecting The Cable Replacing The Optical Module Figure Removing The Wbbp Figure Removing The Optical Module Table of contents Table Of Contents Bbu Hardware Installation Checklist Obtaining The Esn Don’t have an account?