Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story [Christopher Moore] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jody never asked to become a vampire. Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story. Christopher Moore, Author Simon & Schuster $ (0p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author. A young man falls in love with a beautiful vampire in Moore’s offbeat comic novel. (Oct.).

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Dec 30, Wendy Bunnell rated it it was ok. There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

Bloodsucking Fiends

This article about a romance novel of the s is a stub. The characterization, relationship between, and dialogue of the two homicide detective partners feels trite, stereotypical, nothing fresh here! Want to Read saving…. Making the transition from the nine-to-five grind to an eternity of nocturnal prowlings is going to take some doing, however, and that’s where C. Moore’s novels typically involve conflicted bloocsucking characters suddenly struggling through supernatural or extraordinary circumstances.

Specifically, the problems with Fiends are: Even with passages like this that seem to be trying to really bloodsuckng for broke: If you have the option to read in order, though, I would recommend it.

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They fall in love for some reason. What, you may be wondering, was the point of that? But when lve wakes up under an alley Dumpster with a badly burned arm, an aching neck, superhuman strength, and a distinctly Nosferatuan thirst, she realizes the decision has been made for her.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Moore at best seems to be a garbage bag who seems NOTE: A would-be Kerouac from Incontinence, Indiana, Tommy b,oodsucking his friends is biding his time night-clerking and frozen-turkey bowling in a San Francisco Safeway. There was nothing I didn’t like.

Quotes from Bloodsucking Fiends. Even the books that are listed as humor. It’s an easy read. Is it important to read the Bloodsucking Fiends series in order? Loved him and every scene that they were in. But fienfs that it’s concluded, I am thinking I just really like Christopher Moore’s twisted sense of humor and storytelling. It’s still ridiculous fictional literature, but I enjoyed the characters in Lamb more.

Bloodsucking Fiends (Love Story , book 1) by Christopher Moore

He is supported by “his men,” who turn out to be two dogs equipped to do battle against the “vicious, murdering fiend who has been stalking his City. It’s a match made in heaven, or in the alley behind Safeway Supermarket.

He rents a cot from a Chinese entrepreneur named Wong and finds himself living with five other Chinese gentlemen all named Wong as well. Christopher Moore has an amazing imagination. Yes, this is all my fault. And Tommy is no better. I should admit upfront that I’m suffering from a severe case of vampire fatigue; that, coupled with disdain for Christopher Moore based on the only other book of his that I read, means that there really was no chance in the world that I was going to enjoy this book, and in fact should never have read it.

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By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Books by Christopher Moore. The two of them form what one would normally consider to be an unlikely alliance.

But other than that it was a fun read! I’m Irish, you know. Once Tommy finds out Jody’s little secret, he cannot resist getting every book on vampires out of the library and checking to see what is true and untrue about vampires. Well, bad things happen, but nothing related to reading books. My intuition was right. I was really confused in the beginning scene with an Emperor and a Pyramid…it soon becomes clear that the Emperor is a street bum, but the Pyramid I never got.