Find great deals for HP Carriage Drive Motor C NOS. Shop with confidence on eBay!. HP Photos and picture diagrams for C Carriage motor assembly ( includes cable). HP C Carriage motor assembly (includes cable) (Available for $).

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The printer was chosen for meeting our desired goals of linear motion, a powerful DC motor, and a high-resolution optical encoder, all within a pre-assembled package.

All of the extraneous circuitry and components were removed from the printer, leaving only the two wire leads to the motor and the four wire leads to the encoder.

C HP Carriage motor assembly (inclu at

c262 The encoder assembly used is that from the original printer. The ribbon connections have been removed and four new wires have been soldered to the existing circuit board. Agilent Optical Encoder Modules. The rail is an aluminum tube over which the goalie rides on a bearing. The goalie is attached to a toothed belt which is driven by the vertically mounted motor on one end.


Motor Holder for C2162

The belt passes over an idler return gear on the other side, which keeps the belt taut during operation. The photosensor strips photostrips were fabricated for easy installation and removal into any chosen Chaockey playing board. Motr consist of two layers of foamcore. See the document on Fabulous Foamcore.

Mechanical Assemblies

Click here for more on the electrical circuit design. The above photo shows the construction detail on the bottom side of the bottom photostrip.

Having the foamcore serve as a conduit for all the wires allowed for high portability of the assembly and made testing and debugging much easier. The Chaockey board is built from wooden sheets and slats. The play surface consists of two layers of foamcore. This c21662 allows for easy reconfiguration of the playing board, should the gaps between the goalie and the photostrips need to be changed.

This reconfigurability was used in determining the current gap dimensions. The plexiglass is finally placed over the foamcore and strips to allow seamless and smooth play.

No Load Speed rpm. No Load Current amps. Start Up Voltage volts. Encoder The encoder assembly used is that from motro original printer. Agilent Optical Encoder Modules Rail The rail is an aluminum tube over which the goalie rides on a bearing.


The top layer has evenly spaced holes to expose the photosensors. The bottom layer has smaller holes to pass the sensor leads through, allowing the sensors to be pulled securely and consistently flush to the strip. On the bottom side of the bottom strip, conduit channels have been carved in the foamcore. The leads were soldered to the connecting wires and tucked into the channels. One side of the strip features only one channel, allowing connection of all sensors to the common power line.

The other side features 3 channels, each of which carries 3 of the signal wires to the pull-up circuitboard 9 wires exiting each end of each photostrip.