New, first-time color facsimile. Vincenzo Capirola Lutebook Compositione di Meser Vincenzo Capirola gentil homo Bresano. ca. [Ms Newberry Library. All we need is the price of a paperback book to sustain a library the whole world trusts. We have . Identifier imslp-lutebook-capirola-vincenzo. Sheet Music – £ – Capirola Lute Book is a collection of seven lute pieces by Vinzenzo Capirola, arranged for guitar and edited by John W. Duarte.

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Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, say he was capiorla creative at a young age and completed the book in at the youthful age of Bored librarian 1 was in earshot of this.

Certainly, in the same way that a fine meal might be. The remaining pieces are dances: The book was recognized by the family as “Grandpappa Vitale’s treasure book”, so for a few years it would have been an heirloom. And the paintings are likewise very bright.

The Capirola lute-book, years old now (long!) – Classical Guitar

But there is a modern edition oute you can examine. But I think it’s a worthwhile tale anyway, so here it is. The big name of the time was Capieola Carver, who wrote some astonishing music for two to ten voice parts. Ricercare IV offers a doe having its throat torn asunder by a hound, as a jaguar tears at its haunches. In the music section, the same piece is called “Balleto dare ballare” A Dance for Dancing.

Historians simply do not have enough evidence on which to base an assertion. The so-called Capirola Lutebook is one of the most important sources of early 16th century Italian lute music.



From across the room I could already see there was something wrong: Is this a valid speculation? Thomas Woode pronounced Wood was told by the Court to commission new works reflecting the Reformation, capirla was lhte strict guidelines. December 10, at A terribly bored early twenty-something fellow was sitting at the desk.

I placed the manuscript back into its cardboard box, and dutifully returned it. Among its treasures is the Capirola Lute Book.

Capirola Lutebook (Capirola, Vincenzo)

Gombosi taught in Seattle, Chicago, and finally at Harvard from —where he died tragically of a heart attack. He also noted that there may be musicological evidence that Vincenzo visited England as well. I went back over to the librarian. There caprola no doubt a formal name for such material, which book specialists will know right away. There is no indication if any of these figures may be a portrait either of Capirola or Vitale.

Email required Address never made public. Did seeing the Capirola Lute Book change my life? He also certainly had never heard of Capirola or the lute book. Rather than going into a page-by-page analysis of each drawing recall that I hadn’t brought a notebook, and also that I didn’t have much time at all for in depth studyhere are some overall impressions of Vitale’s handiwork: December 16, at 1: But I also knew that 20 would be pushing it!

The animals bok intermixed on the pages, so that on one page a donkey, a lion, and a unicorn all peaceably occupy the same pastureland.


Capirola Lute Book (Guitar)

ljte It’s also easy to see that virtually all the pages are in a poor condition, so it’s no wonder the library were so wary of letting it see the light.

English records talk of a “phenomenal Brescian lutenist”, and there is a piece from the time called “The Duke of Somerset’s Dump,” which is virtually identical to one of the Padoanae in the Capirola book. Nearly all the beasts shown seem very authentic even the mythics! This is a great article.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Clearly Gombosi had done considerable work in researching Vicenzo Capirola’s life and family biographies, but the dry fact that his sister’s name had appeared on some obscure ducal tax record in or something of this nature was not of any real importance to me. To ensure it wasn’t discovered and burned, he drew some pen and ink drawings in the margins, and many of them are of instruments played at the time: One of the hounds even has its eyes in two different colors, a brown and a blue.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. It not only displays one of the most exquisite lute music ever but, as you point it so well, fantastic drawings.

I thanked the second fellow, gave the first one a nasty look, and toddled upstairs.