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We control the entire process exhaustively, from the design and development of the initial sample through to catalgo production, and our after-sales monitoring mechanisms enable us to provide our clients with a rapid response.

All samples must be approved before we give the go-ahead for production and include them in our catalogue. Once mass production has begun, the first samples are stringently controlled in accordance with defined and consensus-based criteria. We apply a specific sampling system for our listed products, in which the size and the controls to be performed vary depending on the type of part or metalcaucuo feedback received from our clients.


We have a specific organisation that manages Returns, and Warranties without Collateral Metalcauccho as well as Warranties with Collateral Damage. In warranties, we request feedback from the customer to gain a proper understanding of the incident and to perform the most efficient analysis possible. This allows us to reduce the time taken to manage claims and to offer added assistance and support to our customers.

Calam̩o РMetalcaucho ES

All customer-reported incidents are referred to the production department and we make sure that both preventive and corrective actions are implemented. Our quality system, organisation, production and processes are audited on a regular basis.

We place emphasis on all concepts of quality and lean manufacturing. From development through to mass production, we perform the following controls in order to guarantee the established quality standard: Current ISO v certificate.

Protocol for warranties with collateral damage. Warranty form for completion by the end client workshop.

We have been creating spare parts and rubber and metal accessories for the automotive industry for more than 30 years, working with virtually all the international brands. We analyse potential risks to define the most suitable validation criteria.


Our high degree of control guarantees process stability. We visit workshops to gather information that helps us to improve our response and our products.

Shock absorption, suspension and engine brackets Cooling, water pipes and turbo Various. Cookies Policy Privacy Policy.