A methanol extract of the dried leaves of Chasmanthera dependens was investigated for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. The extract ( mg/kg. Chasmanthera dependens. Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Villle de Genève and South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria. Abstract An assessment of the antimicrobial properties of extracts from the stem of Chasmantera dependens, the leaves of Emilia coccinea and the whole plant.

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The concentrations for E.

The ethyl acetate fractions of C. Chasmanthera is closely related to Tinospora and Jateorhiza ; these genera have been combined in the past. Plant Growth dfpendens Flowering Booster. Further research is needed to decide if the 2 species should be combined into a single species.

In West Africa Chasmanthera dependens is sometimes cultivated as a medicinal plant, chasmantheera in home gardens. The activity against S. Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, Chasmanthera dependens part of young infructescence. The results support the use of E. The ethanol extracts of the plants were more active than the water extracts.

Chasmanthera dependens Hochst.

With this purchase you will get: Some of these bioactivities have been confirmed in the laboratory. Chasmanthera dependens male flowering stem. The plant is used for ornamental purpose.


In Nigeria the fibrous stem is beaten and used as a sponge. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Chasmanthera dependens.

Chasmanthera dependens

Woody plants of Ghana, with special reference to their uses. These include anti-diarrhoeal, antimicrobial and fungicidal activity Ogbebor and Adekunle, ; Ndip et al. Click on “show more” to view them.

An ethnobotanical and chemotaxonomic study of South African Menispermaceae. Chasmanthera dependens opened fruit with seed. The fresh leaves are ground and the leaf juice is used immediately or kept for further use on sprains or bruises. Stem bark alkaloids from Rauwolfia vomitoria. Top 10 plant to avoid lizards Top 10 annual plants Top 10 fragrant plants Top 10 avenues trees Top 10 cactus and succulents Top 10 climbers and creepers Top 10 easiest plants to grow.

In vitro anti- Helicobacter pylori activity of extracts of selected medicinal plants from North West Cameroon. Handbook of African medicinal plants. In addition it was active against C. In West Africa leaf and stem sap are locally applied to cure sprains and bruises, as a dressing for fractures or mixed with shea butter as an embrocation to treat pain and stiffness. Several plants are used as herbal medications for the treatment of eye diseases in South-Western Nigeria and a review of some of these plants has been documented Ogunlesi et al.


The stem is roasted and eaten to treat convulsions in infants[ Title Protabase – Plant Resources of Tropical Africa. It is commonly planted in home gardens, e. Medicinal plants in tropical West Africa.

Any query about chasmanthera dependens – plant. The butanol fraction was found to exhibit activity against only three microorganisms, namely, B. The moderate fungicidal effect of the aqueous leaf extract observed by Ogbebor and Adekunleis in agreement with the potent dhasmanthera of the ethyl acetate extract of E.

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