Riddick () Movie Script. Read the Riddick full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts. Director: David Twohy. Stars: Vin Diesel, Thandie Newton, Judi Dench, Keith David, Colm Feore. Chronicles of Riddick Screenplay» · Edit Buy. Unrated; Year: . Twohy added that a second Chronicles of Riddick movie will pick up the story ” the minute after this one ends. And I’ll tell you how we sold it to.

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I like to be a man of my word. Retrieved January 10, Home has a certain equity. You just figured that out?

You may find what you’re digging for. Take two steps forward. You’ve got two minutes. Retrieved 26 February You know what, Santana?

First and always, I am a Necromonger commander. Sooner or later, we all have to head home. Maybe the plot will be more nuanced than expected We’ve got a problem, Riddick, because I’ve got two nodes here. Dulled my own edge.


The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury Movie Script

I could give you a crash course on thermodynamic equilibrium and energy exchange right now, or maybe you just want to take my goddamn word for it Can’t stay in the open. Why don’t we sit this one out? There’s a reason he is who he is.

How about you, Johns? Basically, he was calling a taxi. I was referring to you. It was a long haul. The sinewy leader has a unique–and creepy–jail for master villains and she has her sights set on Riddick.

I think you’re good, cuz. Never ever saw him, man. Got to make sure the ship stays grounded when he comes for them, okay? This doesn’t qualify as bad? Maybe you should arm more of them with guns instead of weird scythe pick-axes The planet was Furya. It’s got air and water.

She’s a cover story, nothing more. Sounds like your department, lesbo. I thought he was the one stranded here. You certainly know how to make an entrance. They say you lost your nerve, Vaako, after that big swing and a miss. What if I do? Besides, I’m getting human pheromones.

What are you gonna do when you’re born that way? If he did get in there somehow, he was in a position to relock it and change the code. No, it’s not like that. Notably, it shows Riddick undergoing the surgery that gives him “eyeshine” — the ability to see in the dark — and paying for this with a pack of Kool cigarettes, as mentioned in Pitch Black.


Could be entering the wrong shit, Santana. My ETA is seven minutes. If you say so.

Script Review for ‘Riddick’ Reveals New Title, Hard R Screenplay

The story involved Riddick being transported to prison on the Hunter Gratznera commercial cargo ship. Now, Dahl, I spotted a nice little nest for you. Thanks for startin’ the killing spree for me, Riddick. All Abridged Scripts published under Creative Commons.

Jock up, but you’re staying home. What I do know is that it’s double if you’re brought back dead. Retrieved September 17, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Let’s go, let’s go!