It’s easy to become an Outer Court Member of the Correllian Tradition. The Second Degree Priestess should be familiar with most Wiccan rituals and. This page is based upon Lord Eblis’ interview in the “Faces of the Correllian” column Member and continued studying his Second Degree on Correllian Wicca;. I am a 3rd Degree with the Correllian-Nativist Tradition and a mentor at If you are interested in learning more about Wicca from a Correllian-Nativist viewpoint, a variety of classes on a variety of topics, as well as the traditional 1st, 2nd or.

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If you are interested in learning more about Wicca from a Correllian-Nativist viewpoint, I would be glad to help as I may. Currently there are hundreds of videos on YouTube MagickTVseveral podcast shows in multiple languages, a social site, and many distance-learning classes and tracks of learning that are available to help you with your studies.


Llewellyn Worldwide – Witch School Second Degree: Product Summary

These mentors are volunteers that have gone through the program and are making themselves available to help you. To learn more about Correllianism, go to http: To learn more about the various classes and programs available, go to http: Correllianism is a belief system that is a combination of Spiritualism and Pagan Universalism.

The High-Correll family were descended from a line of Cherokee Didanvwisgi who intermarried with a line of Scottish Traditional Witches, whose descendants were further influenced by Aradian Witchcraft and by the Spiritualist Church.

The founder of the Tradition is the blv. Orpheis Caroline High Correll.

Correllian Study Group

She is said to have founded the Tradition as an entity separate from her ancestry, on September 4, The Correllian Tradition is dedicated to the advancement of the Pagan people. We believe strongly in the need for increased communication and co-operation between Pagans everywhere, dgree all Traditions.

We stress the importance of the Pagan Clergy as teachers and facilitator, and the need for a strong public presence.


Cirrellian Correllian Tradition emphasizes celebratory as well as initiatory Wicca, and is strongly committed to accessible public ritual.

One thing that sets Correllian Wicca apart is that we have embraced the internet as an educational tool. Correspondence teaching is nothing new in Wicca, but we were the first to use the internet as a serious tool for training new initiates.

This has brought corerllian expansion and many changes to our Tradition, and we are still in the process of mastering this new teaching medium. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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