DECRETO 4857 DE 2007 PDF

por el que se interpreta un artículo del Decreto núm. , de 29 de .. of , establishes the minimum wage for workers under a contract. of 22 May 1/ regulating infant food (Decreto Regulamentar n. de 22 de octubre de que aprueba la creación del Programa para la. º 73/ – Technical regulation on surgical and non-surgical gloves – notified .. Colombia – Decreto Modificatorio Nº del 18 de diciembre de del.

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Constitution Amendment Act, No. Amends Section 66 of Constitution. Trinidad y Tabago – – Ley. Freedom of Information Act Cap. Defines the aims, objectives and powers of the Council. The aims of the Council include the collection and analysis of data on accidents and work-related illnesses and injuries. Domestic Violence Act Cap. Provides for definition of term “pension law” under Section 2 of the Act.

Also makes provision for preservation and accrual of superannuation benefits, payment of superannuation benefits by Authority prior to establishment of pension scheme, and payment of superannuation benefits by pension scheme.

National Insurance Amendment Act No. Amends the National Insurance Act, Chap. Public Assistance Amendment Act, No. Amends Section 11 and 16 of Public Assistance Act.

Makes provision for calculation of disability assistance. Regulates calculation of old age pension under Section 4 of the Act. National Insurance Benefits Amendments Regulations, Trinidad y Tabago – – Acuerdo internacional. Defines legislation to which and persons to whom the Agreement applies, and contains provisions concerning the applicable legislation, and concerning benefits. Regulates qualifications necessary for appointment as a firefighter as well as remuneration, payment, pension, termination of employment, hours of work, and leave.

Sets forth rules governing the conduct of firefighters; inter alia, firefighters shall not participate in meetings which consider any action of the Government s.

Consumer Protection and Safety Act, No. Public Service Commission Amendment No. Regulates appointments, promotions, transfers, confirmation, resignation and retirement. Summary Offences Amendment Act, No. Adds a new s. Community Service Orders Act Cap. An Act to make provision for the making of community service orders in respect of convicted persons; to make provisions for the making of combination orders; and for matters incidental thereto.

Provisions concerning interruption of employment due to retirement, invalidity or disablement; payments of survivors’ benefits; death benefits; and funeral grants in the National Insurance Act or its subsidiary legislation, are to be amended to give effect to the Reciprocal Agreement. Maternity Protection Act Cap.

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Provides for 13 weeks of maternity leave six weeks prior to confinement, 7 weeks after and one month’s pay during such leave.

An employee on maternity leave shall have the right to return to work. To qualify for maternity leave, employees must have worked for an employer for a period of not less than 12 months. The employee shall also submit a medical certificate stating the probable 0207 of confinement, as well as a written expression of her intent to return to work after maternity leave.

Agreement on social security. Done at Port of 44857.


Extends the functions and duties of the Central Tenders Board to include the authority to act for, in the name and on behalf of the Government to dispose of real property owned by the Government. Constitutional Amendment Act, Act No. Inserts a new chapter into the Constitution Arts. Counting Unremunerated Work Act Cap. An Act to require the Central Statistical Office and other public bodies to produce and maintain statistics relative to the counting of unremunerated work and to provide a mechanism for quantifying decretp recording the monetary value of such work.


The Act provides for the gathering of statistics on unremunerated work in response to the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly which states that the unremunerated contributions of women to decteto aspects and sectors of development should be recognised, and appropriate efforts should be made to measure and reflect these contributions in national accounts and economic statistics and in the gross national product.

The Act states that it is public policy to develop the contribution of women to the social, political and economic life in the country. Repeals Constitution Amendment Act No. Environmental Management Act, No. Parts II and III establish the Environmental Management Authority with the 200 of formulating and implementing policies with regard to the environment, including the development of a National Environmental Policy within 2 years.

The Authority also has powers of inspection, and shall grant permits regulating practices which may be hazardous to the enivornment such as air and water emissions.

Transfer of Prisoners Act Cap. An Act to provide for the transfer between the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and other countries of persons convicted of criminal offences and for the enforcement of sentences passed upon them, and for purposes incidental thereto and in connection therewith.

These Derceto made pursuant to the National Insurance Act revoke and replace regulations 3 to 6 of the National Insurance Contribution Regulations concerning the payment of national insurance contributions by employers on behalf of their employees. Made under section of the Shipping Act, Only persons holding a valid medical fitness certificate may be employed on Trinidad and Tobago ships.

Detailed provisions are made for the issue, period of validity, suspension and cancellation of such certificates and equivalent certificates; for the right to appeal against refusal to grant a certificate; for record-keeping and annual reporting obligations of medical practitioners; for inspection and detention of ships; etc.

Seven schedules specify fees for medical examination, employment standards and administrative procedures, medical standards detailed classification of disorders and diseases, including HIV infection and AIDS and forms.

Trinidad y Tabago – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Standing Orders of the Tobago House of Assembly. Pursuant to the Tobago House of Assembly Act,and with the approval of the President, these Orders provide the procedural rules re the business of the Assembly.

Pursuant to powers under the Emergency Powers Regulations,these directions of the Minister of Justice and National Security permit the detention and punishment of detainees according to specified terms and for specified breaches of discipline.

Proclamation of a State of Public Emergency.

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In conformity with the provisions of the Constitution, this Presidential Proclamation declares the existence of a state of public emergency; the Proclamation was subsequently extended for a period of three months, and again for a period of one month.

The Curfew Order, In conformity with the Emergency Powers Regulations,promulgated pursuant to the Presidential Proclamation of a state of emergency, this Order of the Commissioner of Police declares areas and periods of curfew; several similar Curfew Orders were made subsequently. The Emergency Powers Regulations, Pursuant to his powers under the Constitution and the Emergency Powers Act, these Regulations made by the President define the terms and extent of public control including the powers of the Commissioner of Police, limitations on public meetings, prohibitions on possession of firearms, limitations on public speech, and permissible searches, arrests, preventive detentions, together with limitations on bail and habeas corpus.


Voluntary Termination of Employment Act Cap. Provides for the early termination of service by certain persons employed in offices of a public nature, for the benefits to which those persons thereupon become entitled and for related purposes. The Second Schedule defines severance benefits, as determined by age and length of service.

Voluntary Termination of Employment Regulations, Amends the definition of “public service” in subsection 3 1 of the Constitution. Deemed to have come into operation on 23 Sept. Repeals the Constitution Amendment Act No.

Amends the definition of “public service” to take into account the Tobago House of Assembly, created by Act No. Amends subsection 2 of Section regarding the appointment of Justices of Appeal and Puisne [lower] Judges.

The President may make termporary appointments for fixed periods of two years. The appointee must be 65 years old. Issued under the Shipping Actwhich entered into force on 3 Dec. Inter alia, the Regulations provide for registration in case of alterations involving crew accommodations. Shipping Act Cap. This Act revises the law in relation to, inter alia, the registration, licensing, transfer and flags of ships. Part VII Manning and Certification provides for the issue and recognition of certificates of competency.

It further provides for the protection of seafarers’ wages and for paid annual leave and public holidays, contains provisions on discipline and sets forth basic requirements and rights in relation to occupational safety, health and welfare. The employment on a ship of persons under 16 years of age is prohibited; restrictions apply to the employment of persons under 18 years of age s. Industrial Relations Amendment No.

Amends the definition of “Municipal Council” in s. Adds the following new paragraph to s.

Remuneration Teaching Service Order Remuneration Civil Service Order Provides that reference to increments in any written law made in or under the Civil Service Act shall cease to have effect. Sexual Offences Act Chap. An Act to repeal and replace the laws of Trinidad and Tobago relating to sexual crimes, to the procuration, abduction and prostitution of persons and to kindred offences.

Agreement concerning public officers’ pensions. Engineering Profession Act Establishes registration requirements and procedures for engineers; sets forth a Code of Ethics.

Professions related to Medicine Act Retrenchment and Severance Benefits Act Cap. The Act cecreto the procedure to be followed by employers in the event of the redundancy of five or more workers, including consultations with the trade union and procedures for the settlement of disputes.

It also provides for entitlement to redundancy compensation in the absence of collective bargaining provisions to that effect, or where such provisions prove to be insufficient. Entry into force see Legal Notice No. Schedules Laws Pensions Provisions Act The Civil Service Amendment Regulations