Dicloro-Difenil-Tricloroetano DDT Foi usado após a Segunda Guerra Mundial para o combate aos mosquitos vetores da malária e do tifo. Category, Spanish, English. Environment. 1, Environment, dicloro-difenil- tricloroetano (d.d.t.) · dichloro-diphehyl-trichloroethane. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘dicloro difenil tricloroetano’.

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DDT and others organochlorine insecticides are very persistent substances. Clinical symptoms of intoxication have been reported in humans, although the main problem concerning such substances is bioaccumulation and biomagnification along throphic chains, leading to contamination of top predators and humans after them.

dicloro-difenil-tricloroetano (d.d.t.)

In this review these characteristics are described, as well as some aspects of the control of vector borne diseases, like leishmaniasis and tricloreotano, which were until recently, controlled by the health authorities using DDT.


No Brasil, as primeiras medidas restritivas se deram em 9com a Portaria n.

dfienil O termo DDT refere-se ao produto 1,1′- 2,2,2-tricloroetilideno bis[4-clorobenzeno]ou 1,1,1-tricloro-2,2-bis- p-clorofenil etano Os organismos acumulam estes compostos a partir do meio circundante ou pelos alimentos. Diferentes organismos metabolizam o DDT por diferentes vias.

Muitos destes constituem suas presas. Foi o que sugeriu o estudo empreendido por Kumblad et al.

dicloro difenil tricloroetano – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

O trabalho de Kumblad et al. Mas, segundo Bignert et al. Ainda segundo Bressa et al. Na Argentina, Menone et al.

Segundo Ongley et al.


Desta vez revelou-se um novo contaminante ambiental: Rio de Janeiro,cap. Grande Bretagne,vol.

Safety24. Rio de Janeiro, An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs and Biologicals, 20 th ed.

dicloro difenil tricloroetano – *faircompanies

Health Perspectives, 1. Pesticide residues in foods- Maximum residue limits, Rome, difeniil, cap. Health55 Epidemiology, Ecology Progress Series Fisheries Aquatic Sciences55 Health10 Health11 Health20 Services on Demand Journal.


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