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Analysis techniques for system reliability – Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) (IEC ); German version EN. IEC Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA and FMECA) IEC 3rd Edition, August Complete Document. Failure modes and effects . Analysis techniques for system reliability – Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) (IEC ); German version EN

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Since both quantities are subject to statistical distribution, the lifetime, djn is a result of the proportion of stress and strength, is statistically distributed as well. This way, the advantages of both methods can be combined.

Exemplary ABC analysis of mechanical drivetrain components [ 78 ]. Shafts in drivetrains are exposed to oscillating stresses due to torque, axial forces and bending moments that depend on the rotation angle.

The bearing loads result from the gear forces and the weight of the shafts. Legal notices Photo credits FAQ. Certainly, this would only be possible for existing systems. The whole driving cycle lasts s over a distance of approximately 6 km and djn itself over and over, whereas possible idling times are neglected [ 8 ]. Log In Sign Up. When performing a reliability evaluation of an existing system, firstly the system has to be analysed to identify all diin components and to understand dij the system works power flow, moving parts, etc.

Affiliation List of ICS codes.

可靠度工程與管理專題技術研究平台FMEA 參考標準與相關文件 – Powered by Discuz!

Build your compilation Add to a compilation Add to a compilation create a compilation without subscription wuthout subscription with subscription Build a watch list Add to the watch list. In the third part, the loaded dumper backs up in an unloading zone, unloading and reversing back out. Risk Management Dashboard The risk management dashboard shows unassigned rights, incomplete analysis tree items and further information that allow obtaining a good overview of the state of the risk analysis process.

In this example, only gears and bearings are considered. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. Test yourself or your business online.

Each pinion is connected to a hydraulic motor by a gearbox, which offers the necessary torque due to two planetary gear stages. They can be obtained using transfer functions, which can be generated by applying external loads and observing the resulting internal loads that depend on the dimensions of the gears and shafts.


In cranes for offshore applications, Active Heave Compensation AHC systems are used to compensate the vertical vessel movement that is induced by the waves. The example of the offshore crane winch shows that the method can be applied to a wide range of systems. Citations Publications citing this paper. Typical areas are, for example, construction and mining applications, in which an 608122 wide idn of mobile machines dn utilized for various tasks with very different characteristics.

Reliability Evaluation of Drivetrains: Challenges for Off‐ Highway Machines

They can be used together with MEE module. Threads, mainly for plastic containers – Part 1: More detailed information can be found in Ref.

As a rough estimate, it is assumed that the vessel, and therefore the payload, follows the wave movement directly. Knuckle threads – Part 1: In addition to the complex challenge more than tests to be considered for applicability and to accord with test reports. The same machine can experience vastly different loads when used at different worksites.

The probability of failure for combined groups of components as well as for the entire transmission is plotted on the ordinate.

Domestic and commercial equipment. The last step is the derivation of the overall system lifetime from the resulting system failure probability. To identify relevant components in an investigated system, a qualitative reliability analysis has to be performed.

Characteristics and design of machines, apparatus, equipment Embed this code snippet in the HTML of your website to show this chapter. These are present by default for all active users but they can get dispossess afterwards: Intelligent filter questions reduce the amount of checklist questions that need to be filled out.

Having torque and speed at the transmission output available, the local component loads and speeds of gears, bearings and shafts can be determined.

Engineering trust- and reputation-based security controls for future internet systems Kristian BeckersMaritta HeiselFrancisco MoyanoM.


For the short driving cycle, the lifetimes are significantly lower, compared to the initial normal driving cycle. In order to increase the robustness of processes, the easiest way is to use redundancies on either the system or the component level. The clutch dij considered as failed, when a predefined state of wear is reached [ 23 ]. High volume testing of the investigated system and its components under realistic conditions would yield the most precise 06812.


Since drivetrains usually contain similar 60821, this only has to be done if components are being used, which are not categorized yet. The lifetime models also require the speed and load corresponding to each load alternation.

Therefore, the components in 608112 transmission experience more damage within the same time and subsequently fail sooner [ 8 ]. With such a wide bandwidth of operating modes, it becomes clear that dimensioning drivetrains for mobile machines as well as determining life expectancies of such systems remains challenging due to the large variance of occurring loads, even on machines with identical configurations.

To use this functionality a setting in program part “Administration” has to be set. When operating in AHC mode, the drum and vin shafts in the drivetrain do not always perform full revolutions so that a modified counting method is used.

Additionally, a method is described, which allows users to quantitatively calculate life expectancy of technical systems in both the concept phase and the later stages of the product life cycle. B components are, among others, friction clutches and seals. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Many systems already have some sensors that provide measurements of some system states. For this application, the mean speed and the mean load between two turning points are considered.

The dln fourth segment is similar to the second one, where the empty dumper drives straight ahead, back ddin the quarry.

In the following images the yellow area is defined as “Intermediate area”.