The Elutrap system is designed to isolate nucleic acids and proteins from agarose or polyacrylamide gel slices by electroelution. Samples are purified with . azim58 – Official elutrap documentation. Elutrap protocol. “C:\kurt\storage\CIM Research Folder\DR\\\ELUTRAP\ “. The Elutrap, seen from above, is placed on a horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis chamber. Outer limits of the trap are defined with disposable membranes at.

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Subscribe to Our Email List. Labnet E 35 well comb for use with 15cm gel system, 1. Make sure that the inserts are tightly placed and rest on the designated slot.

Whatman Elutrap Electroelution System, Whatman 10404090 Replacement Components BT1 Membranes

Most of the nucleic acid is typically obtained from the first collection. Looking for support assistance? Finally, rinse thoroughly with DI water. To clean, discard the buffer down the eoutrap. That’s why overproducts on LabPlanet are eligible for expedited shipping, ensuring the equipment you need arrives promptly. Sunday, September 30, Elutrap electro-elution system. However, take precautions to keep the BT2 membrane dry for as long as possible.

When the channels are not occupied with a device, make sure the apertures do not align, turning off the flow of current through them. Remember that the red colored positively charged majual is on the same end as the collection chamber. Take care not to clump the gel pieces together.

It is essential to then autoclave the buffer to remove all traces of DEPC. Tap Tap to Zoom. To see our complete line of lab, medical, industrial, and scientific products, please see our science and lab equipment online catalog. Your privacy is important to us, and any personal information you supply to us is kept strictly confidential.


Turn off the unit after completion of the elution. Add the gel pieces to the central elution chamber containing the 0. Remember that the dialysis membrane is bi-layered.

Switch the electrodes so that the negatively charged black electrode faces the collection chamber and run for 20 seconds. Run the unit at V for three hours.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Separates DNA, proteins, and nucleic acids from gels and gel slices without salt cushions, special buffers, or pretreated membranes. Take the BT1 membrane out using forceps and clean thoroughly with DI water to remove all traces of glycerol. The collection chamber end of the device should be placed near the open aperture at the end of the channel towards the positively charged electrode.

About Me biotechie I am a Master’s student in Biotechnology and this is my attempt to share experiences and lessons learnt from school. Place it between the screw and the closed U insert in the smaller chamber of the elutrap device. However, the Elutrap electrophoresis chamber allows for the most efficient flow of current through the device and can be used for up to four samples simultaneously.

Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Please change the country on your profile in order to switch to another country store. No reviews have been left for this product. Elutrap Electro-Elution System Introduction Elutrap electro-elution system is a membrane trap elution system used for the extraction, concentration and dialysis of DNA and other charged molecules above the size of 5 kDa 1.

Molecules migrate from the gel slice into a trap area formed between the BT1 and BT2 membranes. Learn more about our Return Policy. The buffer in the electrophoresis chamber should cover the electrodes. A small beaker containing DI water — to place dialysis membrane prior to use. It is very important to place the sloping surface of the BT1 membrane next to the triangular mark on the side of the device. Place the elutrap device into one of the channels of the tray insert of the electrophoresis chamber.


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The membrane placement is adjustable, allowing final elution trap volumes to be optimized for the particular assay. It is very important to place the sloping side of the dialysis membrane next to the triangular mark on the side of the elutrap device. Keep the dialysis membrane moist till the placement of the BT1 membrane. The smaller chamber should contain a single closed insert.

Also make sure that the gel pieces are completely covered with the buffer. About Us Knowledge Center Policies. Dialysis membrane — one per each device used. Fill the electrophoresis chamber to half full with 0. We are currently updating our website.

We also carry a full line of Whatman accessories to help meet your laboratory and scientific needs. Do not crowd the gel pieces on either end of the elution chamber.

We offer only genuine Whatman products, authorized for sale in the U.