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Buy DIN EN () Electricity Metering Equipment (a.c.) – Part 1: General Requirements, Tests And Test Conditions – Metering Equipment (class. BS EN Electricity metering equipment (a.c.). General requirements, tests and test conditions. Metering equipment (class indexes. Find the most up-to-date version of CEI EN at Engineering

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IP51, but without suction in the meter; IP Instrument transformers — Part 1: It can be either electromechanical or electronic comprising both memory ies and display. These windows shall be of transparent material, which cannot be removed undamaged without breaking the seal s.

When continuously rotating, the drum showing the lowest values shall be graduated and numbered in ten 5047-1, each division being subdivided into ten parts, or any other arrangement ensuring the same reading accuracy. When the voltage is restored, the meter shall not have suffered degradation of its metrological characteristics.

EN – European Standards

Electricity metering – Payment systems – Part This document is not a European Standard. These tests shall be made in normal conditions of use. Tests — Test Ka: General definitions and test requirements IEC The type may have several values of reference current and reference voltage.

If the meter has a measuring element s for more than one type of energy multi-energy metersor when other functional elements, like maximum demand indicators, electronic tariff registers, time switches, ripple control receivers, data communication interfaces, etc.

When the voltage and the current circuits of the same measuring element are separated and appropriately insulated in normal use for example each circuit connected to a measuring transformerthe test shall be made separately on each circuit.


The other terminal of this current circuit shall be open. In this case, the adjustment of the amplifier must be controlled by a field sensor. At and above Imin, up to Itr relaxed accuracy requirements apply 3. Salt mist IEC Longer retention time of the non-volatile memory should be the subject of purchase contract.

The auxiliary circuits intended to be connected either directly to the mains or to the same voltage transformers as the meter circuits, and with a reference voltage over 40 V, shall be subjected to the impulse voltage test in the same conditions as those already given for voltage circuits. Immunity to electrostatic discharges This test is not applicable to electromechanical meters. Dr — — — meter in operating condition: For special applications, other test levels might be necessary and should be agreed on between the user 50470–1 the manufacturer.

Screw connections transmitting contact force and screw fixings, which may be loosened and tightened several times during the life of e meter shall screw into a metal nut. Dr [IEV modified] 3.

EN 50470-1:2006

Dr The type test defined in 3. The transition time shall not exceed 20? Testing and measurement techniques — Oscillatory 500470-1 immunity test IEC Tests EN Clause 5 5. Testing and measurement techniques — Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test IEC Messeinrichtungen Genauigkeitsklassen A, B und C.

BS EN 50470-1:2006

During the test, the behaviour of the equipment shall not be perturbed and the additional percentage error shall not exceed the critical change values specified in the relevant standards. All parts intended to be earthed shall be earthed.


The terminals, the conductor fixing screws or the external or internal conductors shall not be liable to come into contact with 504470-1 terminal covers. The minimum time between the impulses shall be 3 s.

When the meter is panel-mounted, no access to the terminals shall be possible without breaking the seal s of the terminal cover s. Every numerical element of an electronic display shall be able to show all the numbers from “zero” to “nine”. Unless otherwise specified, for all these tests the meter shall be in em normal working position with the cover and terminal covers in place.

Any protective coating shall not be liable to damage rn ordinary handling nor damage due to exposure to air, under normal working conditions. Electromagnetic disturbances of long duration shall not cause an additional percentage error more than the critical change values specified in the relevant particular requirements standards.

Outdoor meters shall withstand solar radiation. It may be a single-position socket for one meter or a multiple-position socket for two or more meters [IEV modified] aft 3.

Specific terms according to the type of instrument Graphical symbols for use on equipment Electromagnetic compatibility EMC — Part During this test no flashover, disruptive discharge or puncture shall occur.