Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Results 1 – 17 of 17 Leica Lens Compendium by Puts, Erwin and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Erwin Puts Limited Edition (only copies) second edition to his famous Leica Lens Compendium book; main focus again are the Leica Lenses; English.

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A few years later every professional camera offered EA.

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Manufacturers love this of course and will do what they can to reinforce that illusion. The ingredients of the current Leica strategy wide range of different products that partially overlap, high production cost because of low-scale production and a large amount of non-interchangeable components from different third-party suppliers have to be added to the small footprint of the company somewhere between and employees.

I am not going to argue that silver-halide processing is better than digital I am sure that I will be burdened by FLAK.

For much the same reason many lens designs were not wholly new, but rather based on earlier designs as it is easier to evolve than to start from scratch when one lens could consume many thousands of hours to compute. The total production run is limited to pieces. Photography will be seamlessly integrated into movie-recording wrwin thereby will loose its distinct personality. Now only the Starlite-2 has a separate function for Zone measurements.

The only problem with this meter is the battery drain. Photoshop is capable of producing every shape one wishes and one can compose a picture with carefully selected and manipulated parts and components. The photographer no longer feels himself to be a slave of the camera faithfully recording aspects of reality, but has become a visionary who does want to show new vistas where others keep their eyes closed. Of course one can say that the chemical development of a silver-halide emulsion is egwin different from reconstructing an array of numbers in a file by a software program to an image, but one should not confuse technological means with end results.

Adapt your workflow such that the time spend with Lightroom or Photoshop can be eliminated. All outs described above are regular production items.

Nowadays, one can sometimes find a pre-owned copy on ebay click here to check current listingsor be content with the less nicely presented, but equally resourceful pdf-information.


And number can be manipulated in infinite compeendium. The speed and intensity of product announcements and product updates is costly and investments have to be recouped already at the start of a product cycle.

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Exposure meters had to be checked on the accuracy of the pyts circuits and the correspondence of the indicated exposure value with the straight part of the characteristic curve of the nominal film emulsions. HCB iconized the decisive moment, but van der Elsken used a different approach. The L has a comparable feature by the way. Now we have a bewildering range of products that offer comparable features and performances in widely differing packages. Is the”M” for mirrorless or for Leica-M?

One must also carefully distinguish between lens-induced reflections and camera-generated reflections. Go from RAW file to print in one step. Globally more and more attention is being paid to environmental sustainability and an economy that will shift from growth to durability. Many Leica users would nowadays not cojpendium such a combination since the introduction of the M9 and the Summilux-M 1.

This is exactly what we expect from a true Leica. The problems with the carrying straps that came pus might compendoum attributed to pressure to hold the production volume and the current problems with the sensor cover glass putx be attributed to insufficient testing in the prototype stages. The new Canon underscores two trends that I have been predicting for some time. Leica can with good justification claim that their lenses are still best of class when the size is included in the equation, a fact that is hardly appreciated by many reviewers.

My approach is simple: When I find something that is unexpected, not according to specifications or erwi what the state-of-the-art would define, I first try to find a comparable product to see if the phenomenon occurs there too. While it looks like an impressive line-up that covers the major segments of professional photography, it is in fact a collection of products that show limited possibilities for synergy and branding.

Silver-halide black-and-white emulsions are often praised for their tonal range, not only the contrast range, but in particular the fine steps in the range, the tonal gradation. What else do you want in these troubled times.

In addition to Live View and optical rangefinder, the camera also accepts the EVF2 from the Leica X2, giving the photographer a choice of three viewing methods. Now intwenty years later, the world has changed dramatically. In compednium, the Lens Compendium is a more limited edition of the new one, which is clearly based on it.


This statement needs a qualification. I personally would like to see a Dalsa sensor in the S-class.

CollectiBlend: Library: Leica lens compendium by Erwin Puts

Register a new account. This is only good news for magazines and sites that earn money with describing these new models and comparing them to competitors ad nauseam. There is also the book ‘Leica Lens Saga’ from by the same author.

Two things, plain and simple: The classical optical rangefinder technology has been copied from the Leica M9 Titanium with compendiu LED illumination of the finder frames, but now selectable between white and red.

Many buyers of Leica cameras claim that they buy the camera because of the lenses that are rated the best in the world. The APS-C size sits in the middle, just as the classical 24x36mm format was optimal when considering the bulky medium format cameras and the tiny Minox models.

The company is more famous for its lenses than for the bodies, but the tight integration of body and lens ensures best performance. The camera body has the same dimensions as the M9 weight is more by grams: While improvising his way through the manifold changes modern man looses every sense of direction. We finally have a digital M camera that is silky smooth, incredibly quiet and operates even better than the film mechanical M’s of yore. Paul Wolff of Leica fame wrote a book to promote the small format against the large format negative size.

Recently a user of a Leica M8 experienced a major defect: The alignment of the sensor, the adjustment of the rangefinder show now a level of precision that was impossible to achieve in the past unless a compendkum experienced worker did the job, when allowing this person all the time s he needed.

And xompendium the camera designers stop cramming loads of useless features in the body a modern high-end dSLR has more bulk than a classical Hasselblad! Indeed their knowledge of what would work, what tolerances were acceptable, what material to select and what surface rewin to apply had no equal.

The Zone System is an excellent example of such an pyts.