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An interview with Dr.

An ideal posture is what it takes to grant the right mobility of all joints. Posture becomes altered when muscle tensions are no longer balanced, joints lose their ideal articular contacts and become stiffer or locked. With time, this causes stiffness, inflammation, and pain. What are the causes of posture alterations, especially in children?

If the disturbing factor lasts over time, posture will alter permanently.

During your conference you talked about how a poor swallowing may have an influence on posture…. The action of swallowing is performed by the muscles of the tongue, the throat and the neck. If this action is not carried out properly, every time we swallow, we disturb the system. This assertion can be easily verified.

If poor swallowing is disturbing our posture, as soon as we perform a correction test, our posture will change and our body will become immediately more supple. This disorder can be solved permanently. You also mentioned other posture-altering factors, such as orthodontic problems, vision impairment, breathing disorders, and so on.

Could you briefly explain how they affect posture? A defective occlusion, an eye muscle condition, a bowel problem, a breathing disorder, a scar, etc.

Sometimes not even exhausting stretching exercises succeed due to these factors which upset the central nervous system, and posture as a consequence.

Could you better describe the process through which they alter posture? The trick lies pancfit the sensory system. Whenever the CNS is disturbed, it tries to avoid discomfort in every way by adjusting its posture, but any postural adjustment is actually an altered posture which will inevitably result in problems, limits, and pain.


At times, even the best exercises ever devised cannot overcome the disturbance recorded in our brain, and this disturbance alters our posture or limits our performance. The effects of the disturbance will persist — maybe in other areas of the body — until the causes of the pancsfit are removed.

What can we do for children with an altered posture?

ASD MoveTeIpsum – Ginnastica, Salute e Fitness

Once our investigation is completed, we can start treating the causes of the problem with specific exercises aimed at solving the problem.

Thereafter panxafit mobility exercise will be beneficial. It consists of observing and evaluating the pwncafit as a whole.

Every aspect needs to be taken into consideration, tested and re-balanced. Therefore, every exercise must involve breathing as well.

All exercises specifically conceived for a sports activity — dance in the first place — should be preceded by postural rebalancing exercises. The difference is substantial. Normally, when we stretch an area of our body, the areas that are not involved pacafit tend to compensate. In other words, when we stretch the muscles of a certain area of our body, the panacfit of an adjacent area — or the muscles of a remote area — shorten to reduce the discomfort due to the stretching. This is why analytical stretching needs to be repeated two days lateA: On the contrary, when we stretch taking into consideration the disturbing factors, when we perform a global stretching like the one I devised for my method, the results obtained last for a lot of time… and for free.

It is an easier way to get better and longer-lasting results. Once you learn the concepts of the method and apply the technique correctly you’re set: Raggi, insieme al Dott. La conferenza ha avuto un grande successo, per cui Le poniamo alcune domande a questo proposito. Quali sono gli elementi che possono alterare la postura, soprattutto nei bambini? Sono eswrcizi i fattori che possono alterare la postura.


Dunque, ogni elemento perturbatore del sistema nervoso centrale viene registrato dal nostro cervello, il quale cerca di evitare il disagio attraverso tensioni muscolari atte ad evitare il fastidio. Quando il fastidio permane nel tempo, la postura si altera in modo permanente. La deglutizione avviene attraverso i muscoli della lingua, della gola, del collo. La prova di questa affermazione la possiamo panacfit attraverso un test eserciiz. Ha parlato di come anche l’ortodonzia, i problemi visivi, i problemi respiratori ecc.

Una malocclusione, un problema ai muscoli oculari, un problema respiratorio, un problema intestinale, una cicatrice, ecc. Eercizi volte degli esercizi anche estenuanti non danno i risultati attesi proprio per colpa di questi elementi perturbatori del sistema nervoso centrale e, dunque, della postura.

Ma in che modo si altera la postura? Quando il sistema centrale viene disturbato, cerca in ogni modo di evitare il disagio attraverso posture. Fatta l’indagine, si agisce sulle cause del problema per risolverlo attraverso esercizi adatti. Consiste nel considerare ed osservare il corpo in modo globale. Ogni aspetto deve essere valutato, testato, riequilibrato. Dunque fsercizi esercizio deve sempre coinvolgere anche la respirazione.

Basta imparare i concetti ed applicare correttamente la tecnica. This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Further information can be found in our cookie policy. Accessing pathways to training for disabled young dancers.

Dance, Posture and Performance

Dance, Posture and Performance. Raggi, you and Dr. Your conference was a huge success, so let me ask you a few questions on the matter. Privacy notice This eserciz uses cookies.