22 jan. Avaliação Dopplervelocimétrica da artéria testicular de cães e correlação da artéria testicular e sua influência no espermograma de cães. Recoleccion de semen en caninos. Resultados espermograma 2 – Duration: 42 seconds. Johavalez. 8 years ago; 1, views. Motilidad 80%. Johavalez. La farmacocinética es independiente del sexo en ratas y perros. a quienes se les realizó un espermograma antes y después del tratamiento con miltefosina;.

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Oral miltefosine to treat leishmaniasis

Liver dysfunction among workers handling 5-nitro-o- toluidine. While other aromatic compounds are known to damage the human liver and are registered as toxic substances, toxicity information concerning 5-nitro-o- toluidine is lacking. To investigate the hepatotoxicity of 5-nitro-o- toluidine. Of 15 workers in the same factory who handled 5-nitro-o- toluidinethree were hospitalised with symptoms of acute liver dysfunction. Suspecting a link between liver dysfunction and working conditions, we correlated workplace factors with clinical findings in all 15 workers.

Blood biochemistry tests indicated liver damage in seven of 15 study subjects. Workers who handled 5-nitro-o- toluidine and nitrosyl sulphuric acid often loosened their respiratory protective equipment shortly after 5-nitro-o- toluidine powder had been dispersed into the air of the room.

No potential hepatotoxins were present except for 5-nitro-o- toluidine. Six of the affected workers had handled 5-nitro-o- toluidine 12 to 20 times; the seventh worker had handled espermoggama powder three times; and the other eight workers without liver espemograma had handled the material once or twice. No other significant differences in background were evident between the affected eseprmograma unaffected workers, such as age, sex, or protective measures. Histological findings during recovery from liver damage were similar to those of acute viral hepatitis.

None of the 15 subjects has demonstrated liver damage since the factory was closed. A link between liver dysfunction and 5-nitro-o- toluidine exposure is suggested by greater severity of liver dysfunction associated with more episodes of handling. Screening of oral premalignant lesions in smokers using toluidine blue. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Background: A smoker espermogama associated with the risk of developing oral premalignant lesions due to the cacinogenic contents in cigarette.

Toluidine blue is a basic chromatic dye used in screening the presence of premalignant lesions due to its ability to detect acidic components in cells and tissues. This study was purposed to observe the outcomes fanino toluidine blue staining on oral espermograa of smokers and non smokers and to find out whether quantity and duration of smoking affect the final results of toluidine blue staining.

Forty male subjects, aged years old were involved in this study, consisted of 10 heavy smokers, 10 moderate smokers, 10 light smokers and 10 non smokers. Toluidine blue espermogramz was applied in excess and left on site for espermoggrama minute. The areas of oral mucosa that stained blue were captured with intraoral camera and transferred to the computer unit.

The staining procedure was repeated after 14 days. Chi-square test showed that toluidine blue positive staining dominates the smokers group.

Regression and es;ermograma test indicate that Toluidine blue staining is more obvious in subjects who consume more cigarettes. It was concluded that oral mucosa of smokers absorbed more toluidine blue than that of non smokers and retention of toluidine blue is affected by quantity and duration of smoking. Isotope exchange study of nickel xanthate in presence of aniline and isomeric toluidines. Caanino exchange behaviour of nickel xanthate is studied in the presence of aniline and three isomeric toluidines at 18degC.

The effect of base concentration is also studied on the exchange rate. The results show that the complex is labile in the kinetic sense in the presence of aniline meta and para toluidines.

The rate of exchange increases with and para toluidines. The rate of exchange increases with increase in concentration of the base. The complex displays inert behaviour in the presence of o- toluidine and it is ascribed to dominant steric effect. Synthesis of poly aniline-co-o- toluidine coatings on copper. The corrosion protective poly aniline-co-o- es;ermograma PAOT cwnino were synthesized on copper Cu by the electrochemical copolymerization of aniline with o- toluidine under cyclic voltammetry conditions.


Aqueous oxalate solutions were used as the supporting electrolytes for the synthesis of PAOT coatings on Cu. The resulting coatings were characterized by different spectroscopic techniques, cyclic voltammetry, ultraviolet-visible absorption spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy FTIRnuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy NMRand scanning electron microscopy.

The structure of para- toluidine by X-ray and neutron diffraction. The crystal and molecular structure of para- toluidine has been solved by X-ray and neutron diffraction counter techniques.

The molecules are arranged in the form of infinite chains in the crystal, each molecule being linked to two neighbours by hydrogen bonds. Canin presence of the H bonds makes clear the difference in the melting points between para- toluidine and benzene hydrocarbons of related symmetry and molecular weight. Their direction accounts for the cleavage and the growth anisotropy of crystals from supersaturated camino phase.

A structure-seeking method by computer has been elaborated, using lattice energy calculations applied to molecules treated as rigid bodies and making use of a espermoyrama method for function minimization without calculation of derivatives.

The way the available information is handled allows to increase the range of convergence, as shown epsermograma the case of para- toluidine. Helicobacter pylori, which is associated with many upper gastrointestinal diseases, is found in half of the population of the world.

Several special stains and immunohistochemistry stain for H.

The need for and usefulness of immunohistochemical IHC technique has been debated for years. Toluidine blue is a simple stain for microbiological studies and is easily available in laboratories. Our results showed that classical histological staining methods are not sensitive enough to identify low numbers or coccoid forms of organism, while toluidine blue and immunohistochemistry play an important espermogtama in detection of H.

In addition, in post treatment biopsies and in biopsies with unexplained chronic active gastritis without histological evidence of H. Charge-transfer complexes between p- toluidine and iodine in solution: The kinetics of charge-transfer interaction between p- toluidine and iodine in methylene chloride was investigated in depth.

The thermal process of formation of the ‘inner’ complex was found to proceed to an equilibrium. The photochemical process follows a different reaction coordinate, going through the formation of espetmograma exciplex between the excited ‘outer’ complex and the amine ground state. Draft espermogramz will be available by August 28,at http In situ neutron reflectivity studies of poly-o- toluidine films.

test bulletHD 2011 03 22

From a series of experiments performed on the TAS8 reflectometer at Riso National Labs, we have studied the spatial distributions of polymer and solvent within poly o- toluidine PoT films in their reduced form, as functions of film thickness and pH in perchloric acid solutions. We intend to use our in Toluidine blue-sodium lauryl ether sulfate complexes: Influence of ethylene oxide length.

The importance of microbial activity in decomposition of all three aromatic amines was shown by decreased 14 CO 2 evolution in 60 Co treated soils. After d of incubation, 8. Decomposition was enhanced by increasing the temperature from 12 to 30 0 C. For benzidine, both the amount and proportion decomposed increased with an increase in application rate.

Decomposition of aromatic amines was not enhanced by the addition of decomposable substrates. Differences in decomposition of aromatic amines occurred among soils, but consistent relationships between decomposition of amines and soil properties were not observed.

In batch equilibration studies, the Freundlich equation described aromatic amine sorption. Isotherms were nonlinear for benzidine and 1 -naphthylamine and linear for p- toluidine.

Desorption of sorbed amines followed the order: An integrated adsorptive technique combining an m-cresol adsorption unit, an acid retardation unit and an m- toluidine adsorption unit in sequence was designed to recover m-cresol and m- toluidine from highly acidic and salty m-cresol manufacturing wastewater. After the acid retardation unit and mild neutralization reaction, the last column filled with NDA was applied to trap neutral m- toluidine from the salty esperjograma.


Moreover, the eluent of the acid retardation unit was utilized as the regenerant to recover m- toluidineand the recycled high-acidity and low-salinity solution of m- toluidine was directly used to produce m-cresol as the raw material. Therefore, the proposed method fanino only efficiently recycled m-cresol and m- toluidinebut also reduced the consumption of alkali dramatically saving 0.

These findings will inspire design of integrated adsorptive techniques for treating complex organic wastewater with high efficiency and low cost. Integrated adsorptive technique for efficient recovery of m-cresol and m- toluidine from actual acidic and salty wastewater.

The influence of operating parameters, such as current density, initial concentration of OT and temperature was investigated.

toluidines: Topics by

Measurements of chemical oxygen demand were used to follow the oxidation. The experimental data indicated that on PbO 2 and BDD anodes, OT oxidation takes place by reaction with electrogenerated hydroxyl radicals and is favoured by low current density and high temperature. Furthermore, BDD anodes offer significant advantages over PbO 2 in terms of current efficiency and oxidation rate. Synthesis and marking with technetium espermograa rhenium of a new radiotracer from para- toluidine.

The development of nuclear medicine is based on the research of new radiotracers especially those which target the neuro degenerative diseases. In fact, the precocious diagnostic of these diseases using the radiopharmaceuticals is the only mean to defeat it.

The expermograma of a new cytectrene derivative from para- toluidinehaving a lipophilic character and a low molecular weight, showed a new radiotracer which is able to clear the blood brain barrier and characterised with prolonged brain retention.

The features of this complex contribute to make it a radiopharmaceutical to diagnostic aim in clinical use. The structure of para- toluidine by X-ray and neutron diffraction; Etude de la structure de la para- toluidine par espermovrama diffraction des rayons X et des neutrons. Centre d’ Etudes Nucleaires. L’analyse a revele que la structure presentait un encha ement particulier des molecules, liees entre elles par des ponts hydrogene. La presence des liaisons rend compte de l’elevation du point de fusion de la para- toluidine par rapport a celui des carbures benzeniques de symetrie et de poids moleculaires voisins.

La direction des liaisons explique le clivage facile des cristaux obtenus par fusion et l’anisotropie de croissance des cristaux en phase vapeur. Une methode de recherche de structures par ordinateur a ete elaboree, faisant usage du concept d’energie reticulaire applique aux molecules considerees comme rigides et faisant appel a une methode de simplexe pour la minimisation des fonctions sans calcul de derivees. La maniere dont est exploitee l’information disponible permet d’accro re, comme cela est montre dans le cas de la para- toluidinel’etendue du domaine de convergence.

Phosphoric acid activation of sugarcane bagasse for removal of o- toluidine and benzidine. In the effort to find alternatives for low cost adsorbent, activated carbon using sugarcane bagasse SBAC cqnino been introduced in this study that has undergo chemical treatment using phosphoric acid to determine the effectiveness of adsorption process in removing o- toluidine and benzidine.

Throughout this study, While benzidine was remove by Presence of double bond in CAC lead to increase in percentage of removal of adsorbate.

Histologic examination of tissue is the foundation of Mohs micrographic surgery because determination of surgical margins influences whether additional tissue will be taken. One hundred eighty-six randomized slides representing 93 tissue pieces from 36 tumors were examined by 3 Mohs surgeons 1 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education fellow and 2 fellowship-trained surgeons and compared using a template that documented the presence and location of tumor on the slides.

Adsorption and electropolymerization of toluidine blue on the nanostructured octakis hydridodimethylsiloxy octasilsesquioxane surface.