Gyproc Drywall Archbead. Extruded uPVC bead. The special design allows for curving around arches. Arches and reveals down to a mm minimum radius. Our Drywall Primer is a general purpose plasterboard primer. Creating a smooth undercoat finish on plastered surfaces, it lays the perfect foundation for painting. Gyproc Drywall Sealer. A specially formulated sealer providing vapour control and a superior finish. Suitable for decoration with most paints and wall coverings.

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When gypsum panels are exposed to fire, heat is absorbed as a portion of the combined water is driven off as steam. North America is one of the largest gypsum board users in the world with a total wallboard plant capacity of 42,, square feet 3.

Drywall fastenersalso referred to drysall drywall clips or stopsare gaining popularity in both residential and commercial construction. A wallboard panel consists of a layer of gypsum plaster sandwiched between two layers of paper. As a result, you get smooth, crack-free and undulation-free walls.

The operational and fire-induced motion of the penetrants, which is independent of the assemblies penetrated, can be separately arranged.

The first plasterboard plant in the UK was opened in in Rochester, Kent.

Drywall – Wikipedia

One coat veneer plaster over dry gypfoc is an intermediate style step between full multi-coat “wet” plaster and the limited joint-treatment-only given “dry” wall. They use rapid drying techniques that eliminate the elements required to support microbial activity while also restoring most or all of the drywall. Archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Commons category link is on Wikidata.


This chemical process is called calcination. Several builders’ books state that thicker drywall reduces sound transmission, but engineering manuals recommend using multiple layers of drywall, sometimes of different thicknesses and glued together, or special types of drywall designed to reduce noise. We recommend planned loading gyyproc heavier loads.

The key requirement for this project was a system which would help in constructing the project faster, with walls that delivered high performance in terms of acoustics and fire rating. Some manufacturers take back waste wallboard from construction sites and recycle it into new wallboard.

They are strong and robust drywalls of up to 15 metres high have been built and can typically last the lifetime of a building unless they are subjected to abuse or alteration. In addition to the greater amount of glass fiber, the core of the Type C panels also contains vermiculite, which acts as a shrinkage-compensating additive that expands when exposed to elevated temperatures of a fire.

How is a drywall more efficient in terms of accomodating and managing services? The joints are then taped and finished with gypsum jointing compounds.

Gyproc Drywall Archbead

In its natural state, gypsum gyprod the water of crystallization bound in the form of hydrates. In Type X gypsum board, special glass fibers are intermixed with the gypsum to reinforce the core of the panels. The lining can be used for the internal surfaces of external walls and are equally suited for gypproc new construction and refurbishment. These fibers have the effect of reducing the size of the cracks that form as the water is driven off, thereby extending the length of time the gypsum panels resist fire without failure.

In addition to increased R-value, thicker drywall has a higher sound transmission class.

Gyproc Drywall Sealer

Thanks for submitting the details. Apart from offering the conventional benefits of fast and easy construction, they also offer high performance in terms of: Drywalls are eight to gyprod times lighter than masonry walls, reducing the dead load of the structure. Deflection of drywall assemblies can vary somewhat from one test to another.


Specialised drywall solutions are available for interior wet area applications like bathrooms and kitchenswhich use special boards like Gyproc Moisture Resistant gypsum board or Gyproc fibre cement board. In many circumstances, especially when the drywall has been exposed to water or moisture for less than 48 hours, professional restoration experts can avoid the cost, inconvenience, and difficulty of removing and replacing the affected drywall.

The method of ghproc and type of drywall can reduce sound transmission through walls and ceilings. Thicknesses of plasterboard available are 9.

Drywall | Drywall Benefits & Types | Saint-Gobain Gyproc

Gypliner-based systems, where an adjustable bracket is fixed to the masonry wall on which plasterboard is screwed and finished. Drylining can be of two types: Their versatility allows you to maximize the usable area within a given space.

Gyoroc is provided that the material used in the field configuration can be demonstrated to meet the minimum requirements of Type X drywall such as an entry in the appropriate category of the UL Building Materials Directory or in the Gypsum Association Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual and that sufficient layers and thicknesses are used. This is motion above that caused by expansion of metallic penetrants due to heat exposure in a fire. Service slots are provided in the system, thus making the process easy and less time consuming.

For example, see cable tray movement in a German test.