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Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology by Helmuth Lemme | eBay

No eBook available Amazon. This complete measuring arrangement is now available as a commercial instrument. Standard tone controls lower the resonant frequency by connecting a capacitor in parallel with the pickup usually through a variable resistor to give some control over how much the capacitor affects the pickup.

Amazon Yelmuth Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. When the strings are moving, an AC voltage is induced in the coil.

The majority seems to be totally ignorant. This induces a voltage by changing the magnetic flux through the coils. Furthermore, it is possible to analyze any modifications on a pickup, such as removing the metal cover or exchanging the magnets for others, or technical defects like short-circuit windings inside the coil.

Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology: : Helmuth Lemme: Books

But with too short a distance, the magnets pull the strings, and harmonics are shifted so that they are no longer helmith multiples of the fundamental frequency, but a little higher or lower.

Lemme, Munich, Germany http: Normally, both coils are switched in series. You can easily store it and print it, or send it to another person by e-mail.


Looking forward to reading the new article. Delivery and Returns see our delivery helumth and policies thinking of returning an item? But this is a fundamental error.

Up to this point, it has not taken into account the influence of eddy currents in metal parts. However, note that pickups are not precision devices and that old pickups in particular eg.

Rotary switch with a selection of different capacitors, embedded in epoxy resin Also, adding an internal buffer amplifier can isolate the pickup from some of the loading effects of cable capacitance, nelmuth giving a brighter sound with higher resonance frequency and higher peak.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The coil must be driven with a constant current independent of its impedance. Position and height of the peak vary from type to type. Amazon Business Service for business customers.

The book ends up with a look into the passion of guitar collecting. See our Returns Policy. There is no low frequency rolloff; however, a little bit below fg there is an electrical resonance between the inductance of the pickup coil and the capacitance of the guitar cable.

The Secrets of Electric Guitar Pickups

The Pickup as Circuit From an electrical standpoint, a magnetic guitar pickup is equivalent to the circuit in Fig. For instance, with standard size humbucking pickups, for the deep E string lmme notch is at about 3, Hz, for the A string at 4, Hz. So some corrections of facts will be necessary. This includes the guitar cable.

He also describes a Pickup Analyzer device for measuring pickups which generates an alternating magnetic field across the entire audible frequency spectrum and captures the results from the pickup, with a selectable load capacitance.


The extended replacement circuit is shown in Fig. In both cases, the sound will have more treble than before. A transmitting coil radiates its magnetic AC field into the pickup coils. Although there is more info I wish this book contained and with all my quibbles Such currents appear wherever an alternating magnetic field flows through electrically conductive parts.

It is a bit simplified compared to the reality but quite useful for the beginning. Also, adding an internal buffer amplifier can isolate the pickup from some of the loading effects of cable capacitance, thus giving a brighter sound with higher resonance frequency and higher peak.

For practical purposes, identical sizes can be used as a point of departure, but there is no need to keep them identical. A high peak produces a powerful, characteristic sound; a low peak produces a weaker sound, especially with solid body guitars that have no acoustic body resonance. Because these coils are electrically out of phase, common-mode signals i.

The resonant frequency depends on both the inductance L with most available pickups, between 1 and 10 Henries and the capacitance C. A vibrating string induces an alternating voltage at the frequency of vibration, where the voltage is proportional to the velocity of the strings motion not its amplitude.

The measured result is really precise only for single coil pickups. The interested player could definitely learn from this book.