all images, c. Kevin Sprouls My art from The Wall Street Journal even these years after I left the paper, reaches many people. “It was once That’s becoming . WSJ Hedcut Artist Kevin Sprouls Stipple Portraits for Gallup. A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 1 There were many, many artists that came to work and became long-term contributors in You can acquire a digital image of the entire plate simply by subscribing to this blog or. Neil Gates Photography, Naperville. Stipple Type Portraits, Just Like the Wall Street Journal! The resulting image contains no lines. The technique became popular as a means of producing shaded line art illustrations The Wall Street Journal still features stippled and hatched portraits known as hedcuts in its pages .

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The actual artist has srreet name: She has a blog. There w very few people and no Photoshop filters able to create these very old-fashioned stipple images. Cano is as much of a thief as is any group of guys playing some pop song 40dB louder than the original and claiming themselves as the creators.

Join the Insider Chat. This feature is only available to registered users. Register or sign in to use it. Techdirt is off until the new year! We’ll be back with our regular posts on Wednesday. Test drive our new responsive design! Culture by Mike Hoa Wed, Oct 14th Pisses Off Stipple Artist from the brewing-legal-battle? As you probably know, the Wall Street Journal is famous for its “stipple” illustrations of various newsmakers — in fact, some people consider it to be quite an accomplishment in life to be memorialized in a WSJ stipple image.

Appropriation artist Jose Maria Cano obviously recognizes this and has created a series of paintings called the Wall Street — made up of large painted versions of the WSJ’s stipple images. There’s no effort, whatsoever, to disguise this. Hedcur fact, the painting even include snippets of text around the images: The fact that the collection of images is called the Wall Street might be another tipoff.

The complaint from the original artist, Noli Novak, isn’t about money she doesn’t even own the rights to the imagesbut about Cano getting credit for her artwork — even though it’s pretty clear that Cano’s work was simply making paintings out of the Wll images. Cano seems to be doing standard appropriation art, taking something from elsewhere and turning it into walo.

Why not just be happy that someone decided the little stipple drawings were worthy of being ripped from the newsprint and turned into serious art? If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Until His Company Is Struggling: Miles profile14 Oct Stop lying to us. After all, how damn difficult is it to write a letter to Cano asking to add your name to each painting you created to get this recognition you feel you deserve?


ChurchHatesTucker profile14 Oct Even the original ‘artist’ didn’t see fit to credit them and I’m fairly sure the WSJ artists don’t do their own photography. Everything is fair game until I touch it, after that you owe me. As it would be impossible to claim it’s about credit with that omission outstanding, it must not be about getting credit. Trigger profile14 Oct If it was about credit, one would assume the artists name would be under the picture in the WSJ.

Anonymous Coward14 Oct I don’t seem to recall ever seeing credit given to the photographer whose photo the stipple artist used as a model I believe that the Wall Street Journal either outright uow the photograph or purchased a license to use the photo in order to create the stippled portrait.

Anonymous Coward14 Oct 3: Is there any evidence to support this belief? I wouldn’t be stdeet if the WSJ hadn’t considered the matter before the Fairey suit. I have a feeling that this is exactly what Jose Maria Cano wanted. If he had painted a shocking image I imagine not many would care as shocking has been done to death in the fine art world. The future of art will hold more lawsuits over what is and is not acceptable.

YOu know SHE deserves a future cut of whatever that man gets premiere visage for that stealth. YOUR lethal addiction to dissing a artist alone The whole jackass lot of you ought to have your own life staved for a solid 22 years and then letter rip Or we’ll see your face painted as “Idiots ” and the first on the list.

Appropriation Artist Makes Paintings Out Of WSJ Stipple Images… Pisses Off Stipple Artist

Dark Helmet profile14 Oct Nournal you see the link to his site? Broken out as words instead of a URL it is: Here’s a few possibilities I came up with: The teenage boy of the family, sex-starved from being ugly, started a protest hedcht called Head Now. His platform was that he wanted fellacio to be performed on him. The family abolished the group post-haste. The entire family lives in Rwanda and is a member of the infamous opposition group there.

They all had heads on their bodies until they were found by the Rwandan government. They left the much anticipated hearing that followed without heads. A family of cannibals used to have human heads for dinner every night, but the local government since abolished the practice of eating human heads.

Tripe is retarded Feel free to add your own Pitabred profile14 Oct 1: I’m voting for 4 since I have a strong stomach and clicked on it, and it’s a nonexistent URL. Nor are a few simple variations of it. Derek Kerton profile14 Oct 3: No, you guys got it all wrong. It’s aa he writes in “Medieval Concatenated Chinglish”.


How can you all not hath seen it? Geekish14 Oct 1: I was able uournal translate “letter rip” to “let ‘er rip”. I mistakenly thought I could wade through the rest. Alas, I was largely defeated by the word?

A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 1 – Ink Rhythm

Trigger profile14 Oct 1: I’m really hoping he’s being ironic. You know, like the painting. Dark Helmet profile14 Oct 1: I still want to know what beefasterr’d is I don’t know if it’s supposed to be an insult, but it sounds delicious From the sounds of the iournal is sounds more like beef ass atreet, so not delicious maybe the end result of delicious.

Anonymous Coward15 Oct 7: Dark Helmet profile15 Oct 7: Because of the majical speed properties contained within the cow’s genetic code apparently at sometime in the late 90’s Sephiroth went around to calving facilities and began just randomly casting haste on everythingthe meat is processed by the digestive system at a nearly breakneck pace. Some taste-testing ranchers in east Chile have actually reported that they were shitting their pants before they even finished eating a single hamburger, that’s how fast it turns into turd.

Hence, beefasterr’d, or translated: As far as I’m concerned, when a newspaper is brought to market, and put on the shelf, it’s done and a finished product.

But some people let ego get in the way. Some people see it complete, while others take a different perspective and may see it as incomplete, and add a little here or there for whatever reason. Streft doesn’t matter what the reason is. It was put on a newsstand or shelf and sold. If I buy a bag of flour, and decide to make cookies, the flour company doesn’t come to sue me.

How is this any different? I paid for it. Your work is done. Let it go and get your butt back to making more for tomorrow’s story. You made cookies, not a bag of flour. If you take the flour, go out and say you,re the flour maker you made the flour, you re lying and committing fraud.

The photography rights were attained by the hedfut with permission from wsj. Cano never even tried to get permission. He uses the label “apppropriation” as his “artistic license” to charge 36, pounds for his “fine art”. So her motive of money by R.

When i look at these pieces they look identical. If this isnt a case of copy right infringment, what is? ChurchHatesTucker profile16 Oct 8: ReallyEvilCanine14 Oct 1: