Hira Ratan Manek was born on 12th of September in Bodhavad, India, was raised and spirit as demonstrated by Hira Ratan Manek, who, as a result of sungazing, The method is used for curing all kinds of psychosomatic, mental and. According to India’s Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) sun gazing can apparently balance emotions within the first 3 months (up to 15 minutes) of practising, and heals. We have a super computer in our bodies given to us by Nature, which is our brain . HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) calls it the “brainutor”. The brain is.

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Obviously staring at the sun is not without risk, and it is important a careful and graded approach to Sungazing is adhered to when learning how to Sungaze, especially if you are a beginner to Sungazing and trying this for the first time.

Sungazing is only practised in the first hour following sunrise, or before sunset. This ensures ultraviolet and infra red ray exposure is at a minimum. Also you may wish to download an app to your phone to enable you to track the times of your sungazing. This Sungazing information is for educational purposes only. Following the completion of the months of Sungazing you methid need to walk for 45 minutes each day for 6 days.


From here on out just make a conscious effort to continue to walk barefoot on the earth, preferably in the sun whenever you feel like it or get the time. Each toe on your foot in linked to various glands in your body Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Thalamus and Amygdala and coming in contact with the earth whilst in sunlight stimulates each one. Metho email address will not be published.

Ascension Strategies Series – Sun Gazing: The HRM method – InnerHacking

Day 1 — Start Off Slow Begin by spending a maximum of 10 seconds on the first day by looking directly at the sun during the safe hours either at sunrise of sunset, when harmful UV levels are at their lowest. There are no restrictions in terms of where you can practice and at what time of year.

As you are staring at the sun visualize the energy from the sun coming into your body and filling your body and cells with rejuvenating light.


Earth Yourself — It is important that merhod stand barefoot on bare earth when Sungazing. Day 2 and Beyond On the second day aim for 20 seconds, Each day after that continue adding 10 seconds to the previous day. So at 10 days you will be looking at the sun for seconds, or 1 minute and 40 seconds. Continue this daily until you have reached 44 minutes.

Sun-gazing: Why You Should Be Doing It!

Mwthod should take between months depending on the weather. According to HRM this is all you need to gain the benefits described previously from sun gazing. Noticeable Effects As You Progress: Concluding… Following the completion of the months of Sungazing you will need to walk for 45 minutes each day for 6 days.

What Are The Benefits of Sungazing?

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