There is no book like Ulysses, and no book about it quite like this one. Now completely revised to correspond to the definitive new Gabler edition, Hugh Kenner’s. Now completely revised to correspond to the definitive new Gabler edition, Hugh Kenner’s ULYSSES for the first time becomes widely available in the United. It is wonderful how Professor Kenner can keep on about Ulysses, always interesting and relevant and hardly repeating himself at all. His book.

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The Ultimate Novel

Probably Stephen merely shouted insults at Malachi, who knocked him down and left him on the platform, but the bruised hand seems to represent an honourable wound. Kenner doesn’t address the fact that this approach leaves a few episodes unaccounted for; viz.

Harveycmd rated it really liked it Jun 07, Indeed the strongest refutation comes at the start, when he and Malachi look out from the Martello tower ulgsses the morning sea. Nausicaa is clearly a kebner episode, the first featuring Gerty MacDowell sitting on the sand, the second featuring Leopold Bloom on the rocks at Sandymount Strand.

One of the best books on Ulysses, from a master critic. It left at Mindy Ratcliff rated it it was amazing Oct 18, Kenner has much to say about this aspect of Joyce’s work, and about other aspects as well.

He is thus merely a windbag. Then memories “book I: Oct 09, sharon added it Shelves: In point of fact, while these are items of interest to Kenner, they are not of overwhelming interest to him, but are illustrative of the content of Kenner’s book.

Kenner got me interested in Ezra Pound as well. Central questions that Kenner does not address include “What is the sense in which the mythopoetic patterns of Homer govern the action in the book, and what was Joyce trying to say in using them? Books to have When shopping for your copy of Ulyssesyou will likely see many options online or in any bookstore. He demonstrates Buck Mulligan’s full frontal nudity in the opening page of the book.


The sailor Murphy has tattooed on his chest a portrait of the artist as a young man. Bloomsday, as Ellmann discovered, was the day she first consented to walk ulysses with him, and he expected his friends to celebrate it as a sort of private Christmas.

Ulysses by Hugh Kenner

There is no book like “Ulysses,” and no book about it quite like this one. With Nora behind him, he could leave Ireland and teach English abroad with his BAbut without her he would sink.

Joyce was a self-important man, as he needed to be, and he had described Ulysss in a book title as a portrait of himself when young: This is not quite the end of it. It was worth it. Clarke rated it it was amazing Feb 26, As we read, Bloom has undergone the travails of his own mind and has emerged Victorious. This may be the best description of Ulysses as I’ve ever encountered, for reasons too ulyssses to spell out here. Even after several close readings of Ulysses with various commentaries, there were still some big surprises for me in this volume, simply on the level of the book’s action, and for that alone the book is worth a read for serious Joyce enthusiasts.

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It is wonderful how Professor Kenner can keep on about Ulyssesalways interesting and relevant and hardly repeating himself at all.


One might ask why the glasses were not mentioned in the first chapter, when other needments were being assembled. Alexis Coe rated it it was amazing Jul 21, So this impressive book does not precisely focus its considerable energies in the directions of greatest interest to this reader.

He points out the implications of Corny Kelleher’s role as a police informant. Joyce equanimously gives both Molly and Bloom extramarital sexual infidelities – infidelities known by each of the other as early as the Calypso chapter Bloom was conscious of what was to come. On the first page of Scylla and Charybdis, Kenner mentions, Eglinton mentions six brave medicals, and in Oxen of the Sun Stephen confronts six not-exactly-brave medicals.

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Malachi tells him kennre revere our great sweet mother, and Stephen looks at the mail-boat clearing the harbour mouth. Joyce loved Dublin and Ireland and though the book was written on the European continent – he wanted to memorialize his birth home Ireland.

Much to think about.

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Ulysses – Hugh Kenner – Google Books

Jul 20, J. Kenner has long been inclined to take the mickey out of Stephen, and still maintains here that he was incapable of becoming the great novelist.

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