This IDL Programming Tips and Tricks database is a. ANSWER: The Coyote Graphics System (CGS) is a collection of Coyote Library. QUESTION: How do I download and install the Coyote Library.

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Coyote Graphics System (CGS) Commands

This program works with cgIMAGE to allow the user to interactively determine image location and iddl for the displayed image. Here is code that produces a “normal” contour plot with 10 equally-spaced contour intervals.

The colorbar can be displayed either horizontally or vertically anywhere in the display window.

It creates the largest possible PostScript output window with the desired aspect ratio. To take advantage of this software, you have to know how to install the library of code and place it on your IDL path i.

Check the on-line documenation for the latest updates and routines. It illustrates how to use pixmaps and the “device copy” technique to create a rubberband box on top of an image. It returns an 8-bit image when called on 8-bit displays and a bit pixel interleaved image when called on bit displays.

You can learn more about how this program works by reading the Discrete Color Bar article on my web page. The cgWindow program can accept multiple graphics commands. The default erase color is “white” to accommodate these graphics commands.

So, I’m just saying, use these function graphics routines at your own risk. This program is particularly useful for laying out!


IDL Programming Tips

The fact that IDL even “works” seems like magic to them! This is an extremely simple program that will “blend” or “fuse” two bit true-color images using alpha blending. The WinID keyword can select which cgWindowbased on window index number, to apply the colors to. I use it when I teach IDL courses to get data of various types so I don’t have to keep opening and closing files all the time. This is a collection of Github repositories where you can obtain officially released copies of the Libraries as well as up-to-date versions of the programs contained in the Libraries.

This is a gallery of example IDL programs and graphics plots, coyoe using Coyote Graphics routines. This program is a completely device-independent program for specifying colors by name. Coyoe input can be a string, a byte or integer, or a long integer. Right clicking in the image window pulls up hidden zoom controls.

If you still find occasional name conflicts, contact me and I’ll see what I can do about it.

The program is a wrapper to the cgImage command and can use all the features and keywords of that command. Optionally, a sequence of any number of random digits can be appended to the time stamp.

In other words, it makes the CONTOUR command obsolete, by giving users a useable device-independent, color-independent tool for producing graphics on modern computers.

Coyote Graphics Programs

Best of ccoyote, this functionality is available in any version of IDL. In other words, it makes the PLOT command obsolete, by giving users a useable device-independent, color-independent tool for producing graphics on modern computers.


The first parameter is the name of the color you want, the second parameter coyore the color table index where you would like to load the specified color. The color bar at top in the figure below was created by loading colors with this command: Another way to write this command is like this, in which the libraries are added in the order in which they will be searched:.

The user almost never knows how they got there.

Coyote’s Guide to IDL Programming

The purpose of this function is to choose a default color for Coyote Graphics routines. The symbols produced will work correctly on the display and in a PostScript file. Formats, in addition to the normal months, include all capital letters, three-letter abbreviations, and single letters.

Set the Window keyword to add this command to an cgWindow cyoote. Mark is an excellent IDL programmer and you will find excellent object graphics programs, elegant object classes, and means for acessing coyotr files, among lots of other programs in this excellent collection.

The colors available are the ones defined for the cgPickColorName program: