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Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada – Worker (IMM ) – Information about who can apply for a work permit from. Read the Instruction guide (IMM ) for important information about as part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot [IMM ] (PDF, KB). Undertaking for an Application for a Work Permit exempted from a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) as part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot [IMM ].

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Payment issue — No fee included. Incorrect payments If you have sent insufficient fees or incorrect form of payment, we will return your application with instructions.

Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay

Work is an activity imj which wages or commission is earned, or that competes directly with activities of Canadian citizens or permanent residents in the Canadian Labour Market. Permit to Access Roof Area form. Restoration applies to each member who has lost his or her status. You must calculate your expiry date based on your intended work start date plus the duration of your CAQ. Airline staff and border service officers at ports of entry will ask to see your travel documents.

Or, have you been convicted of a new offence since you first received your permit? Im will not receive a reply. Therefore, you should ensure that your passport will be valid for a longer period than your requested extension.

An employment contract should provide a detailed job description 55533 indicate the working conditions, wages, etc.

However, you may want to apply in advance of this 4 Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada – Worker recommended period since immm delays vary. If your application is referred to a local office, you will be notified of this and will subsequently be contacted by this office.

There is no guarantee that your application will be approved. Airline staff and border service officers at ports of entry will ask to see your travel documents. This form must be completed by each person who wants to apply for an extension of their work permit or change conditions of their stay in Canada, including applying for an initial work permit.


This is not a legal document. Fill in the forms carefully and completely.

If your spouse or common-law partner is included in this request, he or she must sign in the box provided. Your employer must send you a copy of the contract to be included with your application for renewal. A representative is someone who has your permission to conduct business on your behalf with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Spouses or common-law partners of highly skilled foreign workers may themselves be authorized to work without first having confirmation from Employment and Social Development Canada ESDC.

Open work permit including extensions — per person.

How to extend your Work Permit and renew your Temporary Resident Visa

Make sure you travel with the documents we gave you. However, if you leave temporarily and your study or work permit has not been renewed before you seek to 55533 Canada and you do not have your new document, you will have to re-apply either at the port of entry if you have the right to do so, or at a visa office outside Canada and pay another processing fee.

If you need more space, print out an additional page of the form, complete this section and submit it with your application. Temporary residents travelling with passports: Languages Write you native language the language you learned at home in childhood and still understand.

How to extend your Work Permit and renew your Temporary Resident Visa

Question 1 Check the box to indicate if: The doctor cannot provide you with the results of the medical examination; however, he or she will im, you if you have a health-related problem. Find out if you need to give biometrics. Have the post office weigh your envelope to ensure you put sufficient postage on it. How do I know the expiry date of my temporary resident status?


Question 3 Provide the date and the place of your recent entry to Canada Question 4 Provide the document number of your most recent Visitor Record, study or work permit. Make sure the employer gives you the Offer of Employment number before you submit your work permit application.

This application guide is for temporary residents who are already in Canada and wish to: Some people are not admissible to Canada, which means they are not allowed to enter the country. Please ensure this email inm is checked regularly.

How do I come to Canada as a temporary foreign worker?

There are certain things you can do to help ensure that your application is processed as fast as possible: Question 4 Enter the date your passport or travel document will expire. From the list, select the name of the country or territory that issued your national identity document.

There is no guarantee that your im will be accepted. If your employer is a mission, foreign government, international organization or a bridge or tunnel authority, they may be exempt from the Employer Compliance Regime. It may take up to three months for them to contact you. It is an offence under section of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act im knowingly make a false statement on this form. If you are, we issue your documents.

If you are requesting a work permit to allow you to work in the field of health services or with children, you lmm complete and pass an immigration medical before you submit your application for a work permit.

These may include one or more of the following: Along with your permit, you need either:. In order to obtain this number, the employer must use the Employer Portal to:.

However, one of three things will happen when you return to Canada: