Buy Jazz Mutant Lemur – Control Surface featuring Multi-Touch Control Surface, Built-In Computing Resources Mu Plug-In for Tight Live Integration. Review Jazz . It’s not so often that I write obituaries for hardware, but this time, it seems appropriate. JazzMutant has announced that its Lemur, the multi-touch. We’ve just heard the sad but now wholly unsurprising news that JazzMutant is to stop selling its multitouch Lemur controller. In fact, Stantum.

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Lemur Input Device – Wikipedia

Canvas is a brand new object that lets you script custom widgets with full multitouch support. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. On the other end of the spectrum, I can get an iPad for a third the price, and since I’m only planning on running touchOSC, I really don’t have to spend over 1, bucks just to get it up and running.

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Lemur Input Device

Canvas Canvas is a brand new object that lets you script custom widgets with full multitouch support. They could’ve brought down the cost to help sell…but instead they raised the prices and no one bought. Each of these provides a different flavour of sequencing and is ready to use right out of the box. Control is not limited to linear functionality. They should just sell the hardware cheap and users worry about the software.

However, we believe that it’s not really the same kind of product. lsmur

The iPad, on the other hand, is a mainstream product, a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ that’s not specifically tailored to musicians’ needs. That makes this a very desirable marketplace, and could explain why JazzMutant are in no hurry to open source their code.


The device looks beautifully designed and we believe it has the potential to revolutionise the whole creative industry. During five years and despite the new fever surrounding touch technologies, the Lemur remained the only Multi-touch device capable to meet the needs of creative people.

Joey or anyone else Enlighten me on how the Lemur was mire powerful in any way than the iPad. From now on, this ecosystem is evolving quickly: Thanks for the new blog sharing. No Longer Available Update Location close. Powered by Max for Live, Mu gives instant automatic integration with any Live set, even existing Live sets. The JazzMutant division will cease to exist on January the 1st I’m selling my lemur, anyone interested?

Jazz Mutant Lemur specs. The Technical support and after sale service will be handled until December 31, In the meantime, JazzMutant, renamed Stantum inhas become a technology-centric company and jazzmutqnt partnerships with tier-one industrial partners to speed up this democratization.

The Lemur, adopted by many professionals, has proved itself to be extremely rugged and reliable — the iPad has yet to do this.

The last batch of Lemurs just came out of the factory. See any errors on this page? The Apple iPad is less than half the price of the Lemur, yet can run software that makes it comparable.

Many nazzmutant jump to that conclusion. Countless artists, from bedroom producers to major stadium-touring acts use Lemur to create and perform. A new plug-in, Mu brings ultimate integration between the Lemur controller and Ableton Live, making controlling the software easier, faster and more intuitive. The knob, the piano keyboard, strings and frets, and other tactile interfaces live forever, but touchscreens can at least be powerful options for the digital realm between tactile musical control and composition, as a more direct way to reach out and touch interactive interfaces for sound.


Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. But the Lemur may have doomed itself with its relatively closed platform. Since its market launch, the Lemur has jazxmutant endorsed by a fascinating community of music and video artists.

The Jazzmutaht was sexy — but forced you to do things its way. The Lemur comes with its own proprietary software called the JazzEditor to create interfaces.

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Since its lemr launch, the Lemur has been endorsed by a fascinating community of music and video artists. It is actually a time made version.

But for most of us, less-expensive and more musical physical hardware will remain the preferred way of interacting with the virtual worlds of computer sound. So the era of accessible multi-touch music controllers will begins with developing such software for iPad.

Its all about cost. The list of prestigious and influent artists who have made the Lemur their favorite pet companion on stage would be way too long to be mentioned here. As an owner of one of the very first units I can say I’m pretty pissed that Jazzmutant didn’t even have the decency to fix the loads of bugs before giving the finger to all their customers.