Karakoram ka taj mahal. likes · 11 talking about this. this page based on karakoram ka taj mahal ~everything about kktm ~ Have fun kktms. Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal. likes · 5 talking about this. Novel by Nimra Ahmad Un-Official Page. Admin: Ammara Razzaq Admin: Hashir Bashir Marar. Exploring the horizons of a tale of an idealistic living of both the leads, Nimra Ahmed this time takes us on a ride to Karakoram, aka Rakaposhi.

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That is the main title of this novel. This novel is a story of relations, loves, dreams and mountains.

The novel is based on a realistic story, and has an atmosphere of fairy-tale, romance and like other stories of Nimra Ahmad full of love. There are in Urdu literature very few female writers who got admiration and fame in the readers. Nimra Ahmad an honorable name in Urdu literature.

She shows a love towards discovering new ideas and playing with them. And has a grip on her topic. And she is famous in searching real stories and got experience of those difficulties and areas which discussed in her novel before starting the writing. She started writing in her teen-age. There is a doubt that Nimra Ahmad and Umaira Ahmad are sisters but they are not sisters in real, the cause of this doubt is only that the last name of these both is same.

Nimra lives in fairy tales. Her world is based on love and strength. She was realistic and sensitive in this story all of her friends like her. From her child-hood she was used to think that at some time from the sky some prince came and make her his princess.

She was a trained climber from the most famous institutes. He was also a professional climber, and climbed many highest and deadliest peaks. But she was engaged with her cousin Saif on the suggestion of her father. At the end after facing so much difficulties and hurdles they got married and this novel ended at the happy ending.


This story is about the blood relations and love relations. The value of both has its importance but if they based on spirituality, if they based upon materialistic values having no any importance.

Ufaq Arslan, Irsa and Preeshay had passionate love for the mountains and climbing. The mountains make a person sensitive and caring, hard working and self-esteemed. There are some tragic elements in this novel. Tragic means the elements of sorrow and sadness. This story full of romantic elements but not empty from elements of tragedy. Tragedy begins with the engagement of Preeshay with his cousin Saif whom she hates. Saif was totally different from her in attitude, in thinking, and in habits.

So this pair was a tragic pair and seems to be ended.

In beginning it seemed that the end of love karakroam tragic but before end it proved that the end of engagement is tragic. And Ufaq also felled in serious injury. During the climbing after the death of Irsa in vertical limit death zone Ufaq was setting cords and stings suddenly avalanche came upon him.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal – Review |

He was covered in ice and snow. Preeshay was alone at the six thousand meter high. She was crying with the name of Ufaq and searching him in snow after a long time search she found him. Preeshay was frustrated because she was unable to rescue him.

She had slid him by pulling him down to a safe place and called base camp for help. There are in the novel some comic elements also. Comic elements mean by passing through we remain unable to stop our-selves from laughter. In which first is that, in the room of hotel at Peshawar when Preeshay pretended that she is sleeping but When Ufaq says something about her she replays instantly during her sleeping.


And room echoed with the laughter.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal / قراقرم کا تاج محل

And when Preeshay showing her arrogance at the Maal road of Murree and showing that she is enjoying the beauty of mountains but in real she was listening Ufaq Arslan, there she also suddenly replays Ufaq Arslan pretending she is not listening their gossip. Loving Elements also in this novel: Preeshay has some dreams from her child hood which are full of love and showing her love raj her prince of dreams. On the other hand Ufaq Arslan also has some dreams which are full of love and showing his love for his princess of dreams.

Now I want to represent a short summary of this novel. It started from the fixing of the date of the marriage of Preeshay Jahanzaib with her cousin Saif, because from the child hood Preeshay was seeing the dreams karakotam some prince came riding the horse and marry her and take her with him. The wait of the prince made her lifeless.

This picture was the starting point of their spiritual love. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal – Review

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