Koshiki no Kata Draft edit by Frances Glaze rev/29/ 1 of Koshiki no Kata by Noboru Saito. The techniques in this kata were designed for armor-clad. Koshiki no kata | JudoScotland – Scotlands Governing body for Judo. Koshiki no kata Tatsuya MATSUMOTO Kodokan 6th Dan Member of Japan Budo Academy About koshiki no kata Koshiki no Kata This Kata is originated from.

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Earl of Katsu evaluated Kodokan Kata in the first part of the sentence but many books claimed that he evaluated Kitouryu no Kata as well.

This movement looks like a simple movement. I studied Koshiki no kata from him during 4 years and half. Sections of this page.

Koshiki no kata

At that time, learning Judo was prohibited in Senior High Schools. Istruzioni per vincere Coach. However, his one step was like a mountain seemingly moving. Jigoro Kano revised kosbiki techniques and incorporated them into a kata in order to preserve the historical source of judo.

Koshiki-no-kata – Wikipedia

The Minister of Education Mr. We can estimate at what time it was named “Kosahiki no Kata”.


Then, Kano Jigoro reported this research result to Iikubo Sensei. Consequently, he established the Kitouryu school based on a specific philosophy. But, I understood that it was a very difficult step. Finally the opponent is not able to throw me away. The portion on “why” is not written.

He developed a style inspired from the ancient warrior style when he was The later disciple found that the martial art is the most koshjki method to build the right psychology for the fighting skill development. After my graduation, I became a teacher of the physical education at the Udayama senior high school of Mie prefecture.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Takuan taught Fudochi, Munekane and Ibaragi. The second kata Kano Shihan with Oda Katsutaro did start in a low motion and gradually gained in speed with Uchikomi, Yokouchi and Keage. It consists of 21 techniques originally belonging to the Takenaka-ha [1] Kito School of jujutsu. Ibaragi and Munekane got trained on the Zen Philosophy at the Tokai temple.

Koshiki no kata | JudoScotland – Scotlands Governing body for Judo

Retrieved November 6, Consequently he advised Kano Jigoro to practice randori with young opponents and he stopped practicing randori ,ata Kano. Opening 1 Greetings from Kano Shihan about history of kodokan and his vision. Retrieved from ” mo But strangely he could not to kosshiki Kano Jigoro by Nagewaza. The Kodokan Judo magazine published this lecture on April Showa 50 Retrieved June 19, In general, samurai did wear armor and two sets of techniques were taught: He died 77 on 22 November Showa27 just one day before the celebration of Kodokan 70th year of foundation.


It is called Hontai the main body or Shizen Hontai. Ude-garami Ude-hishigi-juji-gatame Ude-hishigi-ude-gatame Ude-hishigi-hiza-gatame Ude-hishigi-waki-gatame Ude-hishigi-hara-gatame Ashi-garami Ude-hishigi-ashi-gatame Ude-hishigi-te-gatame Ude-hishigi-sankaku-gatame.

Human beings always stand on their two legs.

Each Jujutsu school did establish its own characteristics of content and technique style. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


It was also organized as a Kata according to a teaching mode. At this time Kano Ooshiki deeply understood the principle of Kuzushi. Judo Tradizionale Genova Education. Domenica 23 dicembre 9: The person as the founder of the Kitouryu School is not historically clear.

Eishouji Temple only 12 Tatami Meiji 16