Kulachudamani Tantra by Giriśacandra Vedantatirtha, , Sanskrit Press Depository edition, in Sanskrit. Kulachudamani Tantra – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Like all original works of Rantrika worship, this tantra is cast in. Kulachudamani Tantra. Edited By Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. With An Introd. By Akshaya Kumara Maitra (Sanskrit Edition) [Giriacandra Vedantatirtha] on.

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If on the other hand religious disposition is wholly wanting these means alone will not evoke it.

Kulachudamani Tantra

Your email will only be seen by your invitee s. Only impart this to a Kulina and never to atheists, fools, pashus or brahmanas, otherwise one meets with death. Bow to the Kula trees, and using the Kula mudra called Ankusha, the Kula should invoke the Kula tirthas into the water. The Bhairava then says that He knows all these Kulachkdamani, doctrines and Tantras but has nevertheless not attained bliss Ananda.

Around it, make a square of twelve finger breadths.

When a person does forest puja of great maidens, it bestows purity. With the question whether this claim is well founded I am not concerned but with the statement of the historical facts. Using the previously declared rule, one may accomplish Kula agitation etc. Kulachudamani Tantra If it is presumed that Rahu swallows the Sun or the Moon, how is it that the Sun or the Moon at the seventh sign from it is also swallowed by Rahu which is tanrra from it?

Although far from being completely happy with this rendition, it does give a flavour of the content which you would be unlikely to get if you relied just on the Tantrik Texts abstract. She comes from a distance of yojanas, across rivers tnatra mountains, across 1, isles, free of restraint, with agitated eyes, shedding love juice profusely, trembling, the circle of her beautiful buttocks swaying, her heart full of love for the sadhaka, boldly coming ever closer, coming to sit with the sadhaka, moving like the devata.


The Commentator also notices that in his day according to some the Rishi was also said to be Kulachudamanni. The lord asks questions answered by the Goddess. In kulachudaani worship the elder may bow down to the younger, one of superior caste to one of inferior caste, for the Shaktis selected for worship, are each and all manifestations of the Mother.

Kulachudamani Tantra Homam

A sadhaka, on making a powder of crushed bone, sandal, aguru and copper, worshipping according to rule, conquers all. The Nilatantra gives a fuller list of objects to which obeisance is to be made in this way. Deva, by meditating in this manner, I bestow grace, whether the rite be that of ancestors, Shakti, offering, bathing or limb puja, there is no doubt about this.

A complete list has been quoted in teh footnotes pages from the Vamakeshvara-tantra, according to which each of the eight Bhairavas has a Tantra of his own, all of kulavhudamani are collectively known as the Bhairavashtakam. Son, now listen to the sexual embrace in Kula puja.

Because this Devi gives all success as soon as she is remembered, she is hymned in the three worlds as Dakshina.

Originally the mantra was of eight, nine and ten syllables. For this reason the book is included in the class which goes by the name of Nigama as opposed to Agama, in which the Shastra kulahudamani revealed kulacudamani Shiva Himself.

A sadhaka should install her in a jar, and then worship the supreme.

Kulachudamani Tantra – Introduction

An act of black magic causes the destruction of a Kula. Third Patala Now I speak to you of worship at night in one’s own Kula. They are those whose eyes betray the bliss in their hearts which comes from the great Rasa Maharasarasollasahridayanandalochanah ; whose darkness Tamas has been cut and crushed by embracing Kula; the dispellers of fear who know tzntra meaning of all the Kula tantras I, Then draw on her forehead a Shakti Cakra of three concentric circles, within this writing the Kamakala mantra.


It was at this time, according to legend, that Durga created Kali, by emanating her out of her third eye.

The Mantras to be recited on such occasions are noted. Dear son, now listen to the rules relating to unification with Parashakti. Literally, having embraced Himself. The work of those who leave the Kulaguru is stated to be mere Abhichara.

Kulachudamani Tantra – G. Vedantatirtha – Google Books

It should be concealed in the heart Gopaniyantu hridaye. The devotee is next directed to worship Shakti with offerings of flowers, tantrra, perfumed betel and other desirable articles. These three classes give us 24 works, while the rest are those named in the list. One should strew the name of the object to be accomplished with the letters of the bija mantra.

Kula sadhakas will know the different meditations by appeal to the Kulachudamani, previously spoken of. Hold the Kula cakra at a crossroads, close to a river, at the root of a bilva tree, actually within the cremation ground, during a feast, in a palace or whatever, O Holder of the Trident!

Reciting at night gives siddhi and one becomes Dakshina.