Kulachudamani Tantra by Giriśacandra Vedantatirtha, , Sanskrit Press Depository edition, in Sanskrit. Kulachudamani Tantra – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Like all original works of Rantrika worship, this tantra is cast in. Kulachudamani Tantra. Edited By Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. With An Introd. By Akshaya Kumara Maitra (Sanskrit Edition) [Giriacandra Vedantatirtha] on.

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Ifheseesa jar of wine, fish or flesh, or a beautiful woman, or a Devi Bhairavi, he must bow and recite a special mantra. The Kulakaulika, naked, with dishevelled hair, should meditate on the formidable Kali, with her terrifying fangs and appearance, Digambari, with her garlands of human arms, seated on a corpse in Virasana, in sexual union with Mahakala, her ears adorned with bone ornaments, blood trickling from her mouth, roaring terrifyingly, wearing a garland of skulls, her large and swelling breasts smeared with blood, intoxicated with wine, trembling, holding in her left hand a sword, and in her right hand a human skull, dispelling fear and granting boons, her face terrifying, her tongue rolling wildly, her left ear adorned with a raven’s feather, her jackal servants roaring loudly like the end of time, she herself laughing terribly and pitilessly, surrounded by hordes of fearsome Bhairavas, treading on human skeletons, wholly occupied with the sounds of victorious battle, the supreme one, served by numberless hosts of powerful demons.

O Lord of Kula, who with your Padmini is on the path of Kula!

Kulachudamani Tantra ( edition) | Open Library

But the esoteric character of its doctrine and practice is such that it was never meant for the ordinary man of the world. For scriptural teaching is a means to an end: To Email Address Up to 10 email addresses separated bycommas. Dear kulachudaamani, whoever is unaware of this tantra is incompetent. The details are given with a view to help the reader to follow the ritual.

A kulschudamani, on making a powder of crushed bone, sandal, aguru and copper, worshipping according to rule, conquers all.

The kulachudakani Tantras given in the Vamakeshvara are as kulacbudamani The Svachchhanda Tantra puts this clearly in the following verse: Then follows the mental worship of the eight Kulanathas, namely Prahladananda, Sanakananda, Kumarananda, Vashishtananda, Krodhananda, Sukhananda, Jnanananda and Bodhananda. The text has been compared in several cases with other manuscripts, access to which was given by Tantrika Gurus to the travelling Pandit of the Samiti.


This chapter begins with the ablution-rites SnAna and states the ShAstric rules which must be followed. The meaning is not clear but Chandra moon seems to stand for the Vija of Shiva which it also means: The world trembled, fearing what He might do.

Once more, men, great nature, egoism, the five kulachudaani, sattvas, rajas and tamas become manifested. Arising at dawn, a sadhaka should bow to a Kula tree.

After giving her wine, meat and the other substances of Kula sadhana, one should meditate on and offer to the guru. In this rite the Brahmana Sadhaka is directed to substitute for wine where is this is mentioned honey in a tangra of copper v 78 or he may perform the Kulapuja with Kula wine. After satisfying the Kuladeva, bathe.

Kulachudamani Tantra Homam

If, firstly, you do not do limb and avarana puja, then you are not a Kula. The Bhairavi in discoursing of it in the Kulachudamani says at the outset I,31 that it had not been told to Vishnu nor to Brahma nor to Ganapa. The printed Tantrasara however gives a list of ten trees, viz, the first seven mentioned together with Udumbara, Dhatri and Chincha. It is said a Kulina is competent in all vidyas and is able to initiate in all mantras.

Possibly Mahasukshma may be part of the title of the Vahana Tantra which succeeds it, in which case it may be eliminated. Attracted to him in this way, a sadhaka achieves success and becomes a Kaulika. Whichever pupil on the path of Kula goes to bathe, attains my form. The Devas who worship Thy feet Having abandoned the form of Nrisingha 5 Whose towering mane rivals in splendour and height towering Mount Sumeru, And whose fingers are outstretched to tear the breast of Hiranyakashipu 6 Now worship the lion 7 the enemy of the elephant 8 Server of Thy feet which destroy the bonds of hte Pashu 3 O Chandi!

The Devi who is said to be of the colour of Garuda stone emerald and bedecked with the crescent moon is described as sitting on the head of the buffalo. He should be Udarachittah large mindedParaninda-sahishnuh patient of ill said of him and Upakararatah one who does good to others.

Full text of “Kulachudamani Tantra Avolon”

In fact, it doesn’t, and we can only add kulchudamani the climate kulachudanani quite possibly precluded any mention of the vamachari themes which are part of this Kaula text. In reply the Bhairavi first gives some general philosophical instruction in eleven verses I, to the Bhairava whom She addresses as the most Supreme Kula the ocean of Tantrika Kula knowledge Tantrajnanakularnava which, since He apparently seeks instruction, has for the moment been obscured by her Maya.


Kilachudamani will perform Kulapuja with appropriate ritual accessories! Message Hi, I am sure you would find this event interesting: Other rites are enumerated in the subsequent chapters. Using the Kula water, oblate the devas, the ancestors lulachudamani the rishis. On her forehead, draw a beautiful yantra and in this write the object to be accomplished.

Kalyani, cut through my enemy! Going then to Jalandhara, firstly worship Purneshi. O mother of sweet and terrifying sound, I bow to you, dweller in the cremation ground. Several doctrines also such as Vaishnava, Ganapatya and others are mentioned. See, for example, the Jnana Karikawhich gives an entirely different slant to crossroads, Kula trees, Kula wine and the like.

If on the other hand religious disposition is wholly wanting these means alone will not evoke it, though they are not without their uses in educating fantra latent piety in the disciple.

Kulachudamani Tantra

They destroy both merit and demerit and v 29 give both enjoyment and liberation Bhogamuktipradayakam. In the eleventh century A. She it was Who, having severed the head of the Asura Mahisha, Crushed and killed under Her feet him who assumed the form of a buffalo Now bellowing, now charging, and again retreating And from whose mouth the Asura issued. Mang vina janani kapi naiva karyyavibhavini Atah karyye samutpanne putratvang tvayi vartate Tvang vina janakah ko’pi naiva karyya-vibhavakah Atastvameva janako nastyanyo’pi kathanchana “At times Thou art hte father; tajtra others the son; at times Thou are the Guru; at other the disciple.

At night, after reciting mantra to each of the Pitheshvaris in the seven pithas, then worship the ishtadevata. The rite consists of the worship of Dakshinakali.

The Devas who worship Thy feet Having abandoned the form of Nrzsingha 5 Whose towering mane rivals in splendour and height towering Mount Sumeru, 1 Tantrs title of the Shakti of Shiva as the powerful victrix of demons.

There indraw and worship Devi Dakshina, adorned with Kula. Kulachara has been called a secret doctrine and practice. The Tantrasara, however, gives the long vowels as a, i, u, ri, lri, ai, au, ah.