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Oh, the autumnal day, that old jester-librarian clambering up ladders in his slipped-down dressing gown, sampling the cannella of all ages and cultures! Yehiel De-Nur 7 scrittore polacco.

Anniversari di oggi Giovanni Pascoli 87 poeta italiano – It was too meagre for the many roofs, which remained black or rust coloured, shingled roofs like arks and thatched cottages, concealing within them the smoke-blackened expanses of attics—charred-black cathedrals bristling with ribs of rafters, purlins and joists, dark lungs of the winter gales.

The Alexandrine epoch of the year, gathering into its enormous libraries all the sterile wisdom of the three hundred and sixty-five days of the solar cycle!

The horizon grows rotund, beautiful, and full of azure, like a glass ball in a garden with its miniature and illuminated panorama of the world, in a happily votteghe composition, above which the clouds are arranged, its conclusive toppings, unfolding in a long row like rouleaux of golden medals, or peals of bells combining in rosy litanies.

One must interpret the flights of cannslla birds Frasi di Bruno Schulz. Wrapped up in the precision and meticulousness of their bodies, they knew neither deviation nor error.

Here are the great incubators of stories, storyteller factories, misty kilns of fables and fairytales. They sank for a moment, far into themselves, to the bottom of their being; they froze in their soft fur and grew menacingly and ceremoniously serious, and their eyes grew as round as moons, soaking up the view into their fiery craters.


Alfred Kubin boteghe illustratore e scrittore austriaco.

There, it had assumed its wild, incalculable, and incredible shape, twisted into a fantastical arabesque, invisible to their eyes, but dreadful nonetheless, the unknown numeral under whose menace they lived.

We are simply rapt by it, entranced by the cheapness, the paltriness, the tawdriness of the material. Oh, those aged mornings, as yellow as parchment, sweet with wisdom, like late evenings. Andrea De Carlo 67 scrittore cannlla.

Frasi di Bruno Schulz

A threadbare and patchy, too-short mantle of snow was spread over the reddened earth. But later, toward evening, that hurricane fire of light softens. But a moment later, cast out to the edge, to the surface, bitteghe yawned in their nihility, disappointed and without illusions. People go about stupefied by the light, their eyes closed, exploding inwardly with rockets, Roman candles and powder-kegs. Nato da una famiglia di ebrei della Galizia, allora in Austria, oggi in Ucraina.

But today, clad in armour, I mock your tickling, by which you once drove one helpless to despair.

Il pensionato (in Le botteghe color cannella)

Henryk Sienkiewicz el scrittore e giornalista polacco. Ricopre tutto senza discernimento, confonde il senso con il nonsenso, eternamente buffona, finta tonta, di una leggerezza senza limiti.

Kamil Glik 1 calciatore polacco. Ettore Sottsass 98 architetto e designer italiano – It was the incomprehensibility that could not be contained within their lives, a wild and obsessive caprice, their ill-judged and blind obstinacy.

Michele Botheghe 34 poeta, pittore e scrittore italiano. Francesco Alberoni 45 sociologo, giornalista e scrittore italiano I understood why those animals were disposed to ill-judged and wild panic, to startled frenzy. Here are endless infernos, those botfeghe Ossianic expanses, those lamentable Nibelungs.


Those distended rag dolls of burdocks bulged there like peasant women sitting around half-devoured by their own crazy skirts. One began to cut them with blunt knives without appetite, with a lazy indifference.

Autori simili Andrzej Stasiuk 1. Behind each gesture, each movement, we like to see its exertion, its torpor, its sweet ursinality.

Francis Picabia 6 pittore e scrittore francese.

We give precedence to junk. That would be genuine maturity. Herded into their mania, they could not extricate themselves from the knot of those horns, and so, lowering their heads, they looked out sadly and wildly from between them as if trying to find a pathway through their branches. Always and everywhere, you have thwarted my actions with your outbursts of mindless animosity.

Frasi di Bruno Schulz (35 frasi) | Citazioni e frasi celebri

Oh, those cunningly smiling mornings, like shrewd palimpsests, many-layered like old, yellowed books. Like late begotten children, it lags behind in its development, a hunchback month, a half-wilted offshoot, and more conjectured than real.

We, to the contrary, love its abrasiveness, its unruliness, its rag doll ungainliness. Marshall McLuhan 92 sociologo canadese – Their perfection was alarming.