merit badge pamphlets are paid for by the Boy Scouts of America in order to bring you the leathercraft supply company, a tannery, a leather goods or shoe. Camping Merit Badge Pamphlet pdf. Adobe Acrobat document Cooking Merit Badge Pamphlet pdf . Leather-work Merit Badge Leatherwork. Status: Elective. Created: Replaced: Leathercraft. BSA Advancement ID: Requirements revision: Latest pamphlet revision.

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Applying dye or stain and finish to the project. In addition, some of them start to break down and get tacky at about degrees F. Introduction Leather has been in existence for as long as man has been a meat eater and has always been a by-product or the meat industry.

Using an awl or stylus, trace around your pattern.

What are the best uses for each type of leather Make one or more articles of leather that use at least five of the following steps: Here is the list. The colors are very intense, but can be toned done with water. Who can be a counselor? Merit Badge Application — offers online resources to let you print leathdrwork Cards,” etc. Vegetable tanned leather is the only type suitable for carving.

Design Considerations The first and most important design consideration is to pmaphlet compile a list stating all of the things that you want to achieve with your project. Waxes – These preparations are generally water based and they leathwrwork to remain flexible and are fairly immune to extremes of temperature. The earliest and simplest method is making rawhide which essentially entails removing an of the flesh and fat from the flesh side of the skin, removing the hair from the grain side, then liming and rinsing the leather and stretching it in the sun until the sun has desiccated it.

Contents 1 Leatherwork merit badge requirements 2 Notes 3 Requirement resources 4 Related awards 5 See also 6 External links. The advantage of oil dye is that it dries more slowly than the spirit dyes which allows for a deeper penetration of the pigments. Cutting the ends is done either with a strap end punch or free hand. Art Explosion – Maestro! The water based takes longer to dry, which gives better control of the “setting” time and the intensity of the effect.


We have leathers made from cattle, goats, sheep, ostriches, kangaroos, sharks, rays, eels, and snakes and the list goes on. To present group leaders with the background information and basic skills necessary to enable them to guide their scouts efforts toward gaining the Leatherwork Merit Badge. These tend to be weaker in tone than the other two because of the necessity of using water soluble pigments.

Learn about the commercial tanning process.

This will be the tip of the belt Set the wing dividers to half the width of the strip and scribe a line for about three inches in each direction from the mark for the center hole. Can requirements be added or removed? Pattern Transfer and Cut Out One of the characteristics of vegetable tanned leather is the ability to readily and evenly absorb water. Leather can and is made from nearly any animal.


Once this is done, set the dividers for one inch. Oil tanning is usually done by solutions of fish and animal oils.

However, if the leather is too wet, the moisture will fill the spaces between the fibers and when you strike a tool the fluid will force the surface back out. These untreated hides were not keatherwork strong or stable, so had to be replaced often. Then the handle is leatgerwork rotated north, south, east and west and struck lightly in each position to insure that the impression is even to the edges of the stamp.

At some point in history, men began to scrape the fleshy and fatty residue from the inside of the hides and a1low the sun to dry the skins. This should be a full size paper or cardboard pattern that will show where you will make cuts, where the stitch or lacing lines will be, and a rough placement of the stamping pattern.


Edge Dressing To give the project a more finished appearance, the edge must be dressed properly. View the change list history of these requirements. Visit a leather-related business. Worksheets for use elatherwork working on these requirements: Views Page Discussion View source History. With all hole punching, remember to place a piece of scrap leather or a Poundo board under the leather to protect your tools from the hard surface of the table.

That’s why vegetable tanned leather is the only type suitable for tooling and carving; no other tanning method gives leather this ability. Assembly by lacing or stitching Setting snaps and rivets Dressing edges Braid or plait an article out of leather, vinyl lace, or paracord.

Additionally, the water base allows soap and water clean up.

Leatherwork Merit Badge

Setting snaps and rivets h. Explain to your counselor Where leather comes from What kinds of hides are used to make leather What are five types of leather What are the best uses for each type of leather Make one or more articles of leather that use at least five of the following steps: In that case, they can only be edited by an administrator. This mark will be the center hole of the five adjustment holes. Discuss with your counselor the advantages or disadvantages of leather vs. Since speed is what causes the fusing, work in short sections of 4″ to 6″.