Written in by Leopoldina Fortunati, this rigorous account of reproductive labor under capitalism has long been underappreciated within. The Arcane of Reproduction Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital by Leopoldina Fortunati. Reviewed by Kersplebedeb. This is important. Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital [Leopoldina Fortunati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Italy’s.

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Rebecca rated it really liked it Feb 17, This site uses cookies. Life is too short to waste time on bad writing. As i admited before, as unfamiliar as i am with much of the terminology, i am not really a good judge of whether she succeeds or not, and this does not really concern me, fortuhati i already agreed with this position beforehand.

Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital

Whether just in the form of a demand, or through recognition won through the institution of rrproduction perhaps impossible demand, its function was to rid gendered exploitation of its emotional connotations, and thus combat the structural devaluation of reproductive labor in capitalist social relations.

This is not foreign to Marxism; it is instead a portion of the circuit of reproduction left open-ended. For although in this relation this housework is paid for by the wage, it must appear not so.

I agree with previous reviewers that the writing was quite jargony, but it is feminist Marxism. Notify me of new comments via email. Yet even assuming this is so, that Fortunati would agree with this extention of her argument, i still see problems on the horizon…. Perhaps we can now see why it was necessary to make this work appear as work by theorizing it as productive.


This text will propose that we approach Lenin not as a titan, but as an equal. This elasticity has also come about in consequence of women making more cash-oriented as opposed to goods-oriented agreements with men.

Leoopldina production of workers is by means of the production of commodities. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So the concept production uses the instrumental definition of technology frtunati the term reproduction more so aligns with the anthropological definition. Perhaps biopower is outside of the scope of this book, vortunati seems like a necessary component for any contemporary and I include reproductiob early 80s in this analysis of Capital and Power.

For every productive moment, there is a corresponding moment in terms of reproduction. But they can also represent a strategy of increasing their future value, and as such reproruction for them a better life, which while not anti-capitalist is not simply a cold calculated investment scheme. Women are tending to ask for more than “love” in their relationships with men.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Quotes from The Arcane of Reproduction. Nissy rated it liked it Dec 19, On the other hand, none of these people — houseworker, domestic servant or care worker — is a productive worker in relation to the male worker, despite the fact that the work of each one of them provides him with a product — cooked food. Andrea Righi calls to our attention this discovery in his book on the biopolitical character of her work, though he does not draw out the further implications of indirect labor.

It is not surprising that just as these struggles developed, becoming important battlefields for the feminist movement, other struggles were also taking place: Because the issues, as i understand them, are very important. Some important realizations… The question must be asked at this point why i would stock this book — after all, i am not only reviewing it, i also distribute it.


Likewise, things can be created without requiring constant human labour, for instance when they are produced by machines [ 5 ]. It is all the more unfortunate, when i realized how the sudden use of concrete examples was helping bring the argument together in the last chapter, fortunatu concrete examples or historical evidence are absent from so much of the text.

The Gendered Circuit: Reading The Arcane of Reproduction – Viewpoint Magazine

Without agreeing with all of her points, i appreciate the fact that Leopoldina Fortunati took the effort to map out this terrain. These questions, expertly addressed throughout The Arcane of Reproductionare at the heart of Marxist-Feminist interpretations. Even if C-M-C as the circuit of reproduction does not expand value, it nevertheless is entirely within the wage-relation and therefore a socially necessary moment within capitalist reproduction.

Skip to content Tiffany Henry and Cheyenne Rubin In this reading, Fortunati explores the inner workings of capitalism through social relationships.

The writing was not “bad” per se, but just completely fortujati Marxist jargon, which made it difficult to follow at times. The woman, under capitalism, reproduces the waged male worker; yet she is not waged herself. Worr rated it it was amazing Jun 14,