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For data and forecasts on current programs please visit www. or call +1 April M mm Self -Propelled Gun -. The M mm self-propelled Gun was largely deployed in NATO areas and its ammunition was commonly used throughout NATO forces. One such artillery piece is the M self-propelled howitzer. This mm artillery piece entered service in , alongside the M

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The latter was partly based with components of the M48and existed in a mm heavy artillery 175km. The 17mm piece and servants were well protected by a turret-like superstructure but it was quite heavy, at 44 tons, but had a gasoline engine which gave reduced range and could cause possible explosion hazards.

The need for a lighter SPG was made obvious and specs were laid down for an air-transportable, standardized vehicle based on existing components.

175mm Self-Propelled Gun M107

Based on these, Pacific Car and Foundry presented prototypes: The 175mmm T and the mm T Both had diesel engines and were successfully tested, and adopted, standardized as the M and M respectively in and Although the M was also built by the FMC Corporation and Bowen-McLaughlin-York, the initial bidder was Pacific Car and Foundry, chosen by Detroit tank arsenal because of the patented key features of the M55 which were provided, like the gas equilibrator barrel balance system, and associated pendulum sensor, no back pawl limits and taper hydraulic recoil cylinders, or the hydraulic lockout of the suspensions when shooting.

FMC started producing components for the chassis and the vehicle itself, and from Bowen-McLaughlin-York join in up to the end in Only vehicles were built but widely exported.

Due to its small size, it was almost considered as a specialized SPG but was cheap due to the commonality with the M howitzer and other vehicles like the M Light Recovery Vehicle and mainstream APCs and their variants like the M Israeli M at Latrun museum.

The 157mm was essentially similar to the M see later only differing by its main armament which traded ammo weight and caliber for range. This piece of artillery was longer but short in early s version and without a muzzle brake.

The hull was indeed quite small m1007 light with parts from the FMC standard APCs, roadwheels, front drive sprockets, tracks, torsion bars units, but without return rollers or rear idlers. The hull 175mmm made of steel RHA, welded, prismatic at the front but with flat sides and rear. Armour thickness was minimal as the vehicle was intended to be air-transportable and be used in indirect fire from relatively secured areas.


Total weight, with the engine, gun barrel, mounting and associated systems was 28 tons, but the hull itself was probably not over tons. In addition, the diesel allowed for a generous km range miles. Its ground pressure was 0.

US Army M107 175mm gun at Nui Dat – Photo supplied by Mal Brand [1967]

Its sole and main armament consisted of a mm gun with mm107 Barrel length of 60 calibers standard versionbut reduced to 30 175mk the origin, which fired a projectile weighing 79 kg at a maximum firing range of 40 km 34 at the originmaximum rate of fire or 1 rpm.

Only one crew members took place inside the tank out of The driver located at the front-left hand side, with its own one-piece sliding hatch and three-day sights. He was also in charge of m017 positions spade and barrel travel lock. The gunner was in charge of the controls deflection, his assistant of elevation. The number one cannoneer was in charge of the breach and ramming of the round and powder load.

The m07 cannoneers not part of the reduced crewup to nine of them, were in charge of the 1755mm supply and preparation of the fused, charges, but also aiming stakes, m07 bore sight, communication, security, and run the M among other tasks. Bores were manufactured for a normal cycle life of rounds with a zone 3 propellant, but later on, this figure 175mj improved up to and even When done on the field, including the replacement of heavy components and engine, the M support vehicle was in charge.

M Howitzer in Yuma, Developed from the same platform both vehicle were very similar, but differing by their main armament. A mm field gun in the case of the M and mm howitzer in the case of the M Both models were complementary: What the M lacked in range and 1175mm, it nevertheless beats the M in terms of raw firepower and was a fresh proposition after the ww2 heavy mm self-propelled mounts 175m lacked in autonomy and speed.

In all were produced, declined into the A1 and A2 recently and even more exported. It is still in service in some countries despite its age M firing in Vietnam The M had quite a prolific career spanning decades, entering service prior the Vietnam war.


Its hallmark was its excellent mobility which allowed to evade counter-battery fire and range capabilities, surpassing even the best Soviet-built artillery pieces of SPGs like the 2S7 Pionand was employed with success by destroying command, control, communications facilities and supply trains. It was also widely used at the end of the war by South-Vietnamese Forces and proved itself in several occasions, notably at the siege of Khe Sanh in But it also had its limitations, notably reduced accuracy at extreme range and dependency to a supply carrier.

It was also first line in the operation Gazelle on the other bank of the Suez canal.

The M was retired in the s from the US Army arsenal, gradually replaced by the M, but still soldiers on in many countries around the world. Israeli Romach local denomination for the M So far are in service with IDF, modernized.

Israeli Romach as of today. The bore and ,107 were modernized, range extended to 50 km. Superb m1007 of a M in action in Vietnam, or M British Artillery Firing in exercizes.

mm Self-Propelled Gun M – Tank Encyclopedia

M mm in Vietnam. Replacing barrel on an M at Camp Carroll M, mm Vietnam. M Recovery Vehicle in action.

Big gun, big swear. As a result when Charlie started using the mighty mm M46 on our firebases our mm and mm howitzers were badly outranged. Not a good thing. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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M mm Self-propelled Gun Walk Around Page 1

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